September Cocoa and coffee prices

Cameroon Commodity Prices September 2023: Cocoa, Arabica & Robusta Coffee

Discover the cocoa and coffee market rates, fluctuations, and key factors affecting these commodities.

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programming will help your child to be consistent, persistent and patient

Programming Will Help Your Child to be Persistent, Consistent & Patient

The 9-month Programming course for kids by 3ConeX will teach your child to be persistent, consistent & patient in everything they do.

coding improves critical thinking in kids

Coding Helps Improve Critical Thinking Skills in Kids  

Critical thinking helps for better decision-making, which is not only helpful for programmers, but will be helpful for your children’s future needs.

coding teaches kids problem-solving skills

Coding Teaches Kids Problem-Solving Skill

Kids of all ages usually run across problems that need solutions. It is the work of families and educators to help in finding solutions for the child’s problem. It is therefore necessary to teach these kids problem-solving skills. Teaching kids how to solve problems does not only help them in academics. It also helps them…

How to start a nursery & primary school in Cameroon

Requirements to Start a Primary School in Cameroon

Want to start a nursery and primary school business in Cameroon? Checkout these what is required to start a private primary school.

register your business in cameroon

Compliance and legal requirements to register a company in Cameroon

Are you ready to start a business in Cameroon? I be sharing with you today the compliance and legal requirements to register a company in Cameroon.

legalize your business

8 reasons you should legalize your business now

What happens if you don’t take the legalize your business? This post is to help you know why you need to register your business now. I will be sharing with you 8 reasons you should take the legal aspects seriously and legalize your business in Cameroon. Why should you legalize your business? Having your business…

Register a new company in Cameroon

8 Best Business Ideas to Start in Douala with Low Investment

Are you looking for the best business ideas to start in Douala with little investment? Douala is the economic capital as well as a major business center in Cameroon. The town provides the best business terrain in Cameroon with necessary infrastructure to support small businesses – telecommunication, media, banking, hotels, telecommunication, etc. With a growing…

Life has not been easy in Douala

Life Has Not Been Easy In Douala

People are torn between hunger and the killing virus #Covid-19 #Coronavirus