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How to start a daycare center in cameroon

How to start a daycare center in Cameroon

Starting your own daycare center or crèche can be a great way to make some extra money.

Chef-Dawei_Fast-food restaurant

The best Fast-Food Restaurant Operator’s Guide in Cameroon

Let's see some of the most important factors to consider when opening a fast-food restaurant in Cameroon. #fastfood #restaurants #cameroon

How to start a nursery & primary school in Cameroon

Requirements to Start a Primary School in Cameroon

Want to start a nursery and primary school business in Cameroon? Checkout these what is required to start a private primary school.

Small Business Investment Opportunities in Yaounde

Top 8 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Yaounde

Yaoundé, la ville aux sept collines (the city of the seven hills), is the administrative and political capital of Cameroon. With a population of 3,992,000, the main activities you can find in Yaoundé are mostly service-related – public service, trade and diplomatic services. It also has a considerable number of informal sector activities. Are you…

Business ideas to start in Bamenda

8 Best Business Ideas to Start in Bamenda with Little Capital

Bamenda is the regional capital of the North West Region of Cameroon. It’s also the 5th largest city in the country after Douala, Yaounde, Garoua, and Kousseri with a population of 393,835 as of 2021 (See Geonames). The entire North West Region has a population of 1,900,547 (2013) and also ranked as the 5th largest…

Register a new company in Cameroon

8 Best Business Ideas to Start in Douala with Low Investment

Are you looking for the best business ideas to start in Douala with little investment? Douala is the economic capital as well as a major business center in Cameroon. The town provides the best business terrain in Cameroon with necessary infrastructure to support small businesses – telecommunication, media, banking, hotels, telecommunication, etc. With a growing…

agricultural produce transformation

The dawn of agricultural produce transformation in Cameroon

Investment in the agriculture sector has seen some positive changes as this sector is becoming more and more attractive to private investors. The agricultural produce transformation sector is still untapped and waiting for investors like you to take the lead. According to statistics from the World Bank, the agricultural sector employs at least 60% of…

Commercial farming crops in Cameroon

Commercial crops you can grow in Cameroon

In my previous post, I shared with you some steps to follow in order to engage in a commercial farming in Cameroon. Those may not be all the steps to take, but they’re very important. We’re available to guide you through your plans to start a commercial farming business in Cameroon. It may be putting…

agribusiness in Cameroon

5 Important Points to Note Before You Engage in an Agribusiness in Cameroon

In my previous post, I shared with you a glimpse of the agribusiness landscape in Cameroon. It may not be that deep, but I am sure it will be helpful. Meanwhile, as promised, I will share with you some steps you need to take before engaging an agribusiness in Cameroon. The agricultural sector is already…

Agricultural business

Agricultural business in Cameroon

Working the land is a sure thing. Do not be afraid to take that step, be the agricultural entrepreneurs Cameroon needs