May 11, 2020

Children Who Eat At The Neighbour’s House Grow Like Them

Blesolac: Instant cereals for babies and young children made from local products like plantain, sweet potato, soy bean, etc.
May 7, 2020
Printers Put Their Name & Number On Posters in Cameroon

Why Do Printers Put Their Name & Number On Posters?

Cameroon: Stamp duty collection for posters, leaflets, handbills
May 6, 2020
Stamp Duty On Print Advertising in Cameroon - OpenHub Digital

Stamp Duty On Print Advertising in Cameroon

Stamp duty rate for print advertising in Cameroon
March 26, 2020
Name Change Communication Channels

4 Effective Company Name Change Communication Channels to Consider

Brief: Have you been looking for an effective name change communication channels for your company? Things have been made easy today, especially for small businesses who […]
November 19, 2019
e-commerce business in Cameroon

Jumia admits defeat against rival e-commerce business in Cameroon

Brief: The closure of Jumia doesn’t mean running an e-commerce business in Cameroon is not profitable. Has Jumia been faced with stiff competition from classified ads […]
October 31, 2019
launch your business in Cameroon

Before you launch your business in Cameroon …

A simple guide to help you launch your business in Cameroon successfully Setting up a business may not be that easy for many, especially in Cameroon. […]
April 21, 2019
openhub digital web design services

Why Choose Us for Your Business Website Design

Choose OpenHub Digital for your business website design in Cameroon. We are the best you can find! You are at the right place and be rest […]
October 5, 2018
Print Business

How to Start a Print Business with Little or no Capital

In my previous post, I wrote on how you can start a print shop without owning a print press. Another thing you may not know is […]
September 17, 2018
print broker

Business Idea: How to Start a Print Broker Business

The print business is one of those businesses that move along with advancement in technology. The innovations we find today in this industry has not left […]
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