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2022 year-end accounting checklist

2022 Year-end Accounting Checklist

The 2022 Year-end Accounting Checklist for businesses

tax rate

Pros & Cons of A Low Corporate Tax Rate

Recently, the 2023 finance bill of Cameroon comes with a possible reduction of the corporate tax rate from 28% to 25%.

corporate tax

Why governments reduce corporate tax

The new corporate income tax rate of 25% should be a huge boost for state revenues in Cameroon, as many small businesses will become formal.

corporate tax rate

Cameroon to Reduce Corporate Tax from 28% to 25%

The government of Cameroon, according to the proposed 2023 finance bill, may reduce corporate tax rate from 28% to 25% for businesses ...

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How to Plan Your Sales Strategy

Your sales message should be tailored to your target market and should resonate with them.

3Conex Limited

Company Profile – 3ConeX Limited

3ConeX Limited is a progressive company that offers training on 21st century skills that is committed to bringing the value of digital skills, technology and STEM to a generation that no longer needs excuses or limitations.

Chef-Dawei_Fast-food restaurant

The best Fast-Food Restaurant Operator’s Guide in Cameroon

Let's see some of the most important factors to consider when opening a fast-food restaurant in Cameroon. #fastfood #restaurants #cameroon

Learn to Code - Coding4Kids by

Why do kids in Cameroon need to learn to code

Kids who grow up with a foundation of computational thinking and coding are better equipped to collaborate on a project, work together in a team, and communicate effectively with others.

OHC Ltd - We're on our 7th year!
3conex technology centre

The Future of Africa, Its Economic Potential & Technology

Information & Communication Technology will influence engineering, science, business, politics, law, culture, and many other areas in the life of Africans.