If you are small company company looking up to enhance your local search engine presence, then we are there for you with proven results and an expert team to optimize your site and achieve top Google rankings.

AfriStartup-Openhub offers local search optimization to help solution companies improve their presence when searched locally. Being number one on search engines is not a priority anymore. Things have changed and so do search engine results. With the many changes that have been seen in the digital marketing world, Google has been updating search results based on feedbacks from users and user behavior. This is to give users the exact thing they have been looking for quickly and conveniently as possible.

For the purpose of becoming more friendly, local results are displayed by Google whenever it is applicable. The amount of algorithmic weight set-up by Google Local listings and Maps by Google has been on the rise. This shows that local SEO is becoming a modern and essential tool in any digital marketing plan.

Your number 1 position could be lost with Google’s incorporation of Google Maps in search results. This is the reason it is very necessary for you to make sure your Google Local listing is well optimized. This will make your website to be placed high up in Google Map results. Note that if it is not done, your competitor will do it.

Place Your Site in Google Maps

You now need to know how to optimize your company’s local listings. AfriStartup-Openhub is a leading SEO company in Africa and we have a proven strategy that will optimize both your Google Places account for Google Local listings as well as your website. Our strategy will help to promote your business on local search optimization and increase traffic on your website.

Are You Now Convinced?

Google is not a luxury nowadays. It’s a necessity, it’s a way of life that will continue to change as Google works daily to improve its products as well as the results it displays. You must have visited Google in the past hours or maybe you even found us on Google.

When searching for a local service, Google Map results pop up whenever it is feasible. This means you are assured your business will appear high on Google Local listings if a good SEO strategy is applied.

Our SEO agency is speciallized in local SEO service packages that gives our clients the results they deserve. We have a team of SEO Google Map experts who are very experienced on how Google operates and will help your business maintain the number 1 spot in rankings for popular keywords or key-phrases. As a Google Places SEO firm, our strategists ensure that they give your business the extra boost it deserves in local search results.

When to go in for Google Maps SEO

When is it necessary for you to go in for Google Maps SEO? For you to do that, you need to answer the following questions:

Does Google Maps dominate the first page of Google when I type in the needed keywords?

Do you offer your product or service in a specific and defined location?

Are your competitors dominating Google Maps listings?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then know that a local SEO plan is what you need as an online marketing strategy to beat your competitor.

Before you go in for a local SEO service for your business, think first of your target market. Various companies in different industries will be wanting to optimize their websites for Google Places. These are companies that will want to show that they are a local company. As experts in local SEO services, we will list below a set of businesses that will benefit the most from local listings.

– Maintenance Service Businesses

– Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bakeries

– Medical & Dental Offices

– Auto Mechanics

– Landscapers

– Moving Companies

– Insurance Companies

– Real Estate Companies

– Photographers

– Pharmacies

The above list is not exhaustive. It is very possible that your business can benefit also from local SEO even if it is not in the above list. Different business models and businesses use local SEO services. All you need to do is contact us and we will give you expert advise on how we can help your company with it’s SEO efforts.

Local SEO, Traditional SEO or Both

It should be noted that not every search displays local results by default, though local SEO could be necessary for your business’ online presence in search engines. For you to be sure of a strong search engine presence, it would be necessary for you to integrate it with Internet marketing. With this, Google local SEO is seen as another strategy in your plan.

Using SEO for Google Maps is useful in that it gives your business the exposure in search engine results pages while restricting that of your competitor.

Worthy to note is that the normal search engine results sees Google Places data to be much valuable to the user as possible. This is to say if you rank in the normal search results, your Google Local results will likely appear. In this case, your Google Places listing optimization reinforces the efforts of your search engine optimization.

If you don’t have the experience or time to do the listings, then you can contact a local SEO firm to do it for you. It can work wonders for your business. AfriStartup-Openhub has specialists in local SEO services and will provide you with workable strategies that are specific to your business so as to maximize your business’ online presence. Using a Google SEO agency will be an effective and simple possibility to carry on with your Google local SEO listings.

Google Local Listing Provides a Quality Lead for Your Business

Your primary goal is certainly to increase traffic to your website, but the end objective should be having a quality lead. It is typical for users to call a company that they find on Google Local listing before even visiting their websites. This is to tell you that local SEO brings in quality lead and doesn’t only draw traffic to your website.

Get a More Competitive Local Search Costing

Our goal is to give our clients the best so as to make it possible for them to get their ROI. Our dedicated SEO experts will work with you in order to make sure your local presence is felt online as well as getting the best for any dollar you put in your online marketing. It is worthy to note that you can use SEO services for Google to make use of your presence in other popular search engines in the world.

Our prices are one of the best in the market and the local SEO packages include all what you will need to get your business on Google Places listings. We have no hidden cost, that’s why we proudly send you every detail in our local SEO pricing. Working with us will let you have the best in local Google SEO at a price that will work just for your business.

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