To register a business in Cameroon, you need to follow a series of bureaucratic and legal obstacles that you need to overcome. The process is longer if you are going in for a limited liability company. OpenHub Digital has put in place a system where incorporating or registering your business is easy and respects a time-line you will find no where else. Some of the businesses we can help you register in Cameroon includes:

- Sole-proprietorship

- Non-profit organizations or Associations

- Limited liability companies

Our team will help you save time and significant financial resources as well as reduce the risk of you not respecting procedures.

We have a series of services we can offer you in the process of registration. It depends on what you want – whether the entire bundle or just part of the bundle. Below are a list services we offer starting from registration to carrying out your tax activities Consultation on type of entity and formal incorporation of businesses in Cameroon.

1. Preparation of Company Statutes or Articles of Incorporation and all other legal documents needed for registration
2. Preparation and filing of company registration application in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register, TPPRR

3. Registration of share capital

5. Represent your business in front of local authorities6. Carry out your monthly tax declarations as well as prepare your business’ Statistics and Tax Return (STR) at the end of the year


In order to incorporate your business, you need to first of all choose the type of business structure you want, do a name search and we are good! We can help you choose a better name if you will find it difficult.


The next thing is for you to choose where to incorporate or register your business. We offer business registration services in Limbe, Buea, Bamenda, Douala, Kumba and other cities depending on your choice.


Once your business is registered, you need to make sure it stays in compliance with the tax administration. OpenHub Digital can help monitor your business’ status by making sure you meet critical deadlines in tax responsibilities.


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Openhub Digital - Company Incorporation in Cameroon
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