A business plan is the foundation of your business. It guides you on how to move forward and develop your business. It also serves as a medium where potential investors or bankers evaluate you business. As a startup or company that is developing a new product or service, you will always need a business plan that will serve as your road-map.

A business plan will improve your chances of being successful, as it directs you, helps to forecast potential risks, assists with planning and assesses the viability of your business. A well developed business plan contains information about the company, the industry, the market, competition and its products or services. It also contains your financial model.


If you are a startup, we can help you transform your ideas and investment capital into a viable business that will attract investors or lenders. We help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) of your business.


If you are growing your business or have an existing business, we can help you communicate your vision to both your employees and the general public. This will help you to be able to raise capital, expand into new markets and be able to develop an accurate financial forecasts.


If you want to sellout your business, we can help you develop a plan to transfer ownership, close your business and establish a transition time-line. In line with this, we will help you identify the regulatory or financial requirements necessary for you to close your or sell your business.

The contents of a business plan includes:

1. Company objectives, mission and vision

2. The business type you want to run including the products or services you wish to provide

3. SWOT analysis – that is your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

4. Market size, competitors and unique selling points

5. Financial needs as well as planning

6. The cost – benefit analysis

7. Personnel management

The different levels are:

Our team will help you set up a comprehensive business plan for your business. Our services have different levels of which you can choose what you want or the entire bundle.

- Full business plan development

- Review an existing business plan (for those who are adding a new product or service or those with outdated business plan)

- Provide a business case for a product

- Evaluate an existing business plan for those who which to invest in a business


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