May 3, 2021
Shara Coworking

Shara Coworking, a new coworking space in Douala

Shara Coworking is a co-working / shared office space located in Bonaberi – Douala, Cameroon. We offer a new spot to build projects and generate connections […]
March 2, 2020

Cameroon: Dependence on cash may help spread Coronavirus

Nigeria & Cameroon may be at high risk of coronavirus due to dependence on cash. Notes & Coins are fertile grounds for germs
October 2, 2019
the "teacher" game

See how they innovated the “teacher” game

Let’s have some fun with the “teacher” game. It’s been close to a month since the 2019/20 school year began in Cameroon. I know this period […]
May 2, 2019
Internet Penetration Rate in Africa

Take Advantage of the Increase in Internet Penetration Rate in Africa

Internet Penetration Rate in Africa