Many negative things are being published online. Anything can be published about your business negatively. You could have negative reviews, allegations that are not true and many more. Rather than you trying to hide such negative results, Openhub Digital can offer you our online reputation management services to make sure that the negative things about your business don’t go viral. Below are some things we offer:

– Customized solutions to restore a company’s brand reputation and measures to prevent future attacks

– We monitor and track whatever is being said about you or your company online and across social media networks worldwide like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others.

– We populate your website with positive contents that we create on your behalf and link to your website sending negative results into hiding.

We come in the following situations:

– When there is an influx of negative reviews about your products or services

– When you have recently done a product recall or you have some defects that is causing your brand a crisis on social media

– When someone has published negative information about your company which is getting a lot of attention than it should.

No matter where the negative information is coming from, it will always be there and will be ruining your company’s name. Your target audience will find it, even if you can’t see it. This will significantly cost your company a lot in business. A single negative link can cause you a lot of damage.

We are a leader in both the online reputation management and social media network monitoring companies. We have a good knowledge of how valuable your online reputation is and how to protect it. We have a series of pricing plans that will help you recover your company’s good name online and bring back your customers.

There are some businesses that will like Openhub Digital to continuously monitor their brands, products and company names online. This is an ongoing and a proactive corporate online reputation management service. As one of the leaders in online reputation management, we know what it entails to handle a negative press review before it can go viral. Working with one of our reputation manager will help in ensuring that any negativity viewed will be safely contained. Get in touch with us for our ongoing and proactive online reputation pricing and packages.

Why Does Your Business Need Online Reputation Management?

Anyone can publish anything about you or your business on the Internet. The publisher might have a readership that may reach your target audience or potential customers. You might have run into customers on social media that are angry and upset by certain actions you have taken as well as a blogger might have had a negative experience about you or your product and is writing about it. Even a competitor can publish untrue material about other companies just to get ahead of it.

These are some reasons you or your company should need a corporate reputation management. Be it you have been targeted online negatively or you want to protect yourself in the case such a thing happens or you want to recover gracefully from a product recall or a problem, we are thereto ensured a positive corporate reputation management for your company and keep its good name intact.

Fight Negative Reviews or Untrue Claims With Corporate Reputation Management

It will cost your company much if you want to fight untrue reviews with legal action. It is ineffective, costly and time-consuming when compared to fighting back using a corporate reputation management company like ours. The first set-back is that it will be difficult to track down anonymous sources on the Internet. Online corporate reputation management demands for quick action when your company’s reputation is at stake.

It’s our job to restore your reputation. With our corporate reputation management services, we aggressively populate online search results with positive links so that the negative results could go down to page two or beyond. If you need to restore your company’s name, we will assign to you one of our expert reputation management consultants to give you details on how your brand could be protected.

Know More About Our Online Reputation Management Services

Our reputation management team is specialized in helping big companies restore their brand image online as well as protecting it from any possible attack. As leaders in online reputation management, we offer the following reputation management services:

1. Aggressive Corporate Reputation Management: Aggressive response to an information that has damaged your company’s good name to restore it. In the case your company’s reputation has been attacked, our experts will be there to combat the attacks with aggressive corporate reputation management services.

The possibility of deleting content online is limited, but making it invisible is what we can do. This is done by pushing negative content on search engines to pages where no one will be interested in looking. Credibility about such contents is lost once they are not on the first pages of search results.

Openhub Digital doesn’t only hide such negative and damaging results. Our Aggressive corporate management team also ensures that such damage do not become viral. They are stopped right in their tracks.

2. Protective Corporate Reputation Management: Your company’s good name is protected and preserved. This is a preventive method in which our SEO experts monitor your company and brand(s), marketing campaigns, developing news and stories as well as your CEO on a daily basis.

Our experts track what people are saying about your company or brand online and on various social media networks across the world. More than 100 social media outlets are monitored including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Google and FriendFeed. We ensure that your Internet marketing campaigns are bringing the right visitors or traffic to your site.

3. Proactive Corporate Reputation Management: We monitor the Internet frequently to make sure that any mentions of your company are dealt with in time. Our proactive corporate reputation management plans lets you work with an expert in online reputation management who will monitor the Internet regularly for mentions of your products, company name or brand. The expert will respond to any negative or damaging information before it grows big enough. This plan also includes continuous positive link building and the mention of positive information in published materials.

Social Media Network Monitoring Services

We carry out continuous monitoring of social media networks in the case your brand, product or service is mentioned. This is because most impending crisis or problems about your brand or products usually come from social media. We are bent on picking the smallest issues before they can go viral and become a bigger problem.

Other social media monitoring agents look for negative mentions only. We go far beyond that. We go ahead to get them resolved so as not to let it go out of hand. Maybe you will want to address them on social media or direct contact, we will do all to make you know the exact problem so it can be resolved in the right way.

If the issue goes beyond social media, our reputable online reputation management experts will make sure they handle the crisis in the right way, letting you focus on running your business.

The Power of Positive Content

Our corporate reputation management experts track your brand online as well as creates positive content in relation to your company. The content is then positioned high in search results. They make sure the first impression from your target audience is a positive one.

This is done by filling the first page search results with positive links. This will prevent any negative content from taking the front page of your target audience. Our reputation management experts use blogs, videos, social media, wiki sites, news releases and micro-blogs / micro-sites to make sure you keep a solid online reputation for your company.

With the constant evolution of the Internet, Openhub Digital’s strategies will always change in the other to ensure your money is used for the most beneficial techniques for corporate reputation management. We go into an aggressive corporate reputation management mode in the case we find out that your brand has been compromised.

Get in touch with us for our ongoing and proactive online reputation pricing and packages.

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