Programming Will Help Your Child to be Persistent, Consistent & Patient

You will not want your child to give up whenever faced with an obstacle or a problem. You will want them to find solutions and keep going. The 9-month programming course by 3ConeX is just what you need for your child to be able to overcome obstacles and find solutions to problems faced.


Programming teaches children to be persistent. For your child to solve a problem or task at hand, (s)he must keep going, producing different solutions until (s)he has the right one.

As said in a previous post, Programming improves your child’s problem-solving skills as well as their ability to handle complex issues. By enrolling your child for Coding4Kids by 3ConeX, (s)he will be able to break down difficult tasks into smaller and manageable components.


Consistency in learning to code will help them build skill sets and help them progress well in becoming a better programmer.


Patience is essential in development for children and encourages them to persevere when learning something new. Children easily get bored, and this has always been a problem in their development.

Programming can help your child become more patient as well as improve problem-solving, critical thinking and creative thinking skills. Patience is an important skill that develops over time.

Enrol Your Child Now!

This is a unique opportunity for you to fast-track your child’s ability to be persistent, consistent, and patient. In fact, it is going to be a fantastic and life-altering experience for your child if you enrol him / her in the Coding4Kids course by TriConeX Ltd.

The 9-month course will take place every Saturday, beginning in September 2022. All our trainers are certified with many years of experience in teaching coding to kids. Their method of teaching has documented effects.

This is an exclusive opportunity for you as by the end of the training, your kid will be able to use a programming language to develop a game, website, applications and more.

Be quick to enrol and give your child the chance to develop team-building and communication skills at an early age. With a well-tuned communication skill, your child will be empowered to collaborate with others, navigate social environments, perform well in school as well achieve their set goals.

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