Get professional Social Media Services from our dedicated team of social media experts. They will help you promote and grow your brand, increase traffic and connect with your audience. We have a fixed monthly rate for our social media marketing plans. Our clarity in what we do will let you know exactly how your money is used.

Social Media Services Pricing

Social media has the largest segment of users on the Internet. Openhub Consulting is a leading social media firm in the African market today. We know exactly what you need to create a buzz online and reach your target audience. Our social media strategy will help you:

– Have your brand’s social presence on the most popular social media networks

– Engage with your audience to promote a good relationship that will let them purchase and recommend your product, service, or website to others

– Develop rich content to meet up with what you expect and need from an effective social media campaign pricing plan

Choose the Social Media Network You Wish

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+

We are Leaders in Social Media Marketing

As one of the leading social media firms, our team of experts in Openhub Consulting can help you to start, grow, foster, and maintain your company’s interactions with your audience online. We have different packages for social marketing. It is now left for you to choose the social media marketing package that you think will work best for you. As our partner, we make sure you have the social media marketing package that will be best for you and not just a generic solution for the needs of your company.

For the sake of transparency and nurturing a relationship with our customers, we will send you a mail upon request about our social media pricing and consultancy rate. We respect your right for you to know what you get out of our social media price and make sure you get the best value out of every dollar you have put in possible. The fact that you will know what you are going in for will make you have more confidence in what you want to spend. Our satisfaction is when our customers are comfortable knowing all the contents of our social media marketing pricing.

Click here to know more about our social media marketing prices. You will see point-by-point a layout of all our social media marketing prices.

Why do You Need Social Media for Advertising?

Social media ads are most compatible with the market type that uses the platform. It is the place where those who advertise can create ads that don’t look like ads. Social media ads put the advertiser in charge of the cost. Take a look at traditional advertising where you have to pay for print and color fees.

On the other hand, social ads demand just one fee to advertise on a platform and you are the one to decide. You have to make the decision for a lifetime or daily ad spending. You also can choose your target audience, something traditional ads can’t do.

Social media advertising lets you cover your maximum audience. It allows you to target them by language, gender, age, location, interests, and many other things. Stop guessing, and stop paying for an irrelevant audience hoping to catch the right people.

Use Social Media Re-marketing

The most taunting process marketing managers or company owners face is identifying the group of potential clients to target. This guesswork is sorted out by social media re-marketing. It lets you target clients that have visited your site before and shown interest in your services or products. That’s the more reason you need to advertise to customers on websites that they spend most of their time on.

Social media has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Research has shown that an average of 3.2 hours a day is spent on social media networks by Americans alone. Also, in the US, a total of 27% of online time is spent on social networking sites. Social media marketing helps to ease your advertising process as it not only increases the desired results but also targets most especially the users that have already shown interest.

What Makes us a Leader in Social Media Marketing

Our team at Openhub Consulting Ltd is flexible, knowledgeable, and experienced. As a leading social media marketing firm in Cameroon, we help our clients in creating a strong online presence and traffic that will bring in a loyal following. We know what it takes in creating a buzz online for your brand. We are aware of the fact that each company is unique and so will need a different strategy.

As your social media partners, we will help you to identify the type of user to target as well as the channel to use in other to maximize your social media conversions and traffic. Our prices for social media marketing are out to give you the best on what you have put in. Openhub Consulting will make sure you reach the right audience at the desired place and time.

We are experts in social media marketing because we also use it. We use social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ on a daily basis. Our team of expert social media marketers knows what it takes to get a post past the various platform’s complex algorithms that will inspire dozens of reposts or re-tweets. Our Internet Marketing experts carry out constant research on the latest social media trends so as to find ways to incorporate them into our clients’ social media marketing strategies.

As a leading social media firm in the industry, we disclose what is actually put into our client’s social media marketing services. We believe in transparency and that our clients need to know every piece of information in order for them to make informed decisions. Our social media management prices come with the specific services that are included in each package so that our clients will understand the exact contents of each package we offer. Our systematic approach makes us the leading social media firm that companies turn to when they need to improve their presence online.

Which Social Media Pricing is Best for Me?

We have included a wide range of services in each package that we are offering. Our team of expert Internet Marketers will work with you to determine the best social media pricing package you will need. With this, we know we are offering you the best social media management package that matches your needs at your best price.

If you are new to social media marketing, then our basic plan will work best for you. We will create a Facebook page for your business as well as optimize and maximize engagement and likes. We will also install Facebook apps that will be of help. Our team of expert social media marketers will update your page with three weekly posts and also set up an advertising campaign for you. The basic social media pricing level is the best for small businesses that are still new to the field of social interaction.

If your business is big and you prefer a serious social media campaign, then our aggressive social media marketing pricing packages will be the best for you. These packages come with additional social networking channels like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Our dedicated team will post daily content and even write blog posts for you. These packages are great when doing a social media campaign for new businesses.

Why Will You Want to Use Social Media for Business?

Research shows that a growing number of online clients will likely search for your brand on social media channels before engaging in a purchase. They will check on feedback and reviews from other customers, and your own updates, in order to determine if your business can be trusted. With this, if your business hasn’t got a page online on social media, then know you are missing out on clients and prospective clients.

Social networks give you the possibility to communicate with your clients in a new way. You can offer support, answer questions and reach out to potential customers who may have shown interest in your products. Having a page on social media helps your business in driving traffic to your website which will bring an increase in sales.

What You Need to Pay for Social Media Marketing

Anyone can create a business page on Facebook or subscribe to a Twitter account. It is free. I bet you, monitoring social media is time-consuming. You might have a staff member who has the experience to manage social media accounts properly, but it is not going to be easy. If it is not well done, your social media campaign can become very costly to your brand.

We have three monthly option plans for your social media management which will cost you very little when compared to having your own dedicated social media manager. Our experts will help you to build an effective presence online as well as monitor and update it in a timely manner.

Our focus will not be on the social media cost but on making sure you have increased web traffic as well as revenue. We will help you build vibrant communities on various popular social media platforms so as to maximize your return on investment.

Why is there Different Pricing on Social Media?

Social media services pricing doesn’t have a standard price within the industry. Firms in the industry set various social media pricing plans they like. So getting a fair price depends on the client. Each package in our social media plan shows what is included so that clients can be informed and make the right decision when choosing a social media firm.

Our social media marketing pricing plan is made out of our experience in the industry and what our clients think they can get to earn their ROI. Social media marketing pricing will depend on what the client wants to achieve through the various social networking platforms. Since we have no hidden consultancy fee, our clients know what they plan on getting for their investment in social media marketing immediately after they make it.

Social media pricing can be difficult to determine since the various resources needed change frequently as the channels evolve. Our social media pricing is flexible enough due to the variety of approaches we take and the clients’ target audience and needs. Our belief is that the flexible approach makes our social media pricing affordable enough for our potential clients and those with brand-new businesses.

What Does Our Social Media Services Pricing Packages Include?

AfriStartup-Openhub’s social media pricing chart shows a detailed list of services included in the various package plans. Each package offers different levels of social media marketing characteristics that include page creation, graphics or custom backgrounds, and various social media network promotions. Once you choose one of our social media pricing plans, we can then have a chat in detail about what your company aims to achieve with the plan.

What is lacking in the social media management pricing chart is our staff qualifications. Our expert staff has had years of experience in the industry. Our customers see us as one of the best since we use a systematic approach to convert social media traffic into customers for your business. You can check our portfolio or read customer testimonials if you want to know our results.

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