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Apply to Incorporate a Company in Cameroon

apply to incorporate a company in Cameroon

What is the content of your file when you apply to incorporate a company in Cameroon?

Today, I will share with you the components of your application file to incorporate a company in Cameroon. It should be noted that corporate bodies are obliged to register within one month of their formation with the Registry of the court where they want their registered office to be located.

For your business to be legally recognized as a company, you will need to apply for registration in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register before they can obtain a business licence to carry out activities in Cameroon. There are a set of formal documents that establish the existence of a company in Cameroon.

How do you apply to incorporate a company in Cameroon?

The main components of the application form are found in the Articles of Association. You need to make mention of the corporate structure, names and signatures of owners, number of authorized shares, amount of authorized capital, etc. See the minimum authorized share capital when incorporating a company in Cameroon.

Business Name

You have to give the name of the business and where applicable, the acronym, sign or commercial name.

See this previous post on how to prepare to announce your company’s name change. You may also be interested in knowing how to change your company’s name in Cameroon as well as some communication channels to use to announce a name change.

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Activity or Activities

Provide the activity or various activities you want to carry out.

Form of the company

What type of company are you creating? You need to specify the corporate structure of the business. Is it a private or public limited company? See the difference between a private and public limited company.

Amount of Registered Capital

What is the amount of registered or authorized capital? You need to indicate the amount as well as the amount contributed in cash and an evaluation of what is contributed in kind if available.

Address of the Registered Office

For you to apply to incorporate a company, you need to provide the registered office address, and where necessary, that of the principal business place as well as subsidiaries if they are available.

Duration of the Company

How long will the company live? You need to give the duration of the company as fixed by its Articles of Association. However, it must not be above 99 years. This doesn’t mean the company will close after 99 years. It can still be renewed.

Make sure you give the full names, date of birth, nationality and domicile of the shareholders when you apply to incorporate a company.

Name, Date, Place of Birth & Domicile of Managers

Name, Date, Place of Birth & Domicile of Shareholders

Your application file will be incomplete if you fail to put the full names, date, place of birth and domicile of the company managers or administrators.

Name, Date, Place of Birth & Domicile of Auditors

It is an obligation for public companies, and private companies with a turnover of more than XAF250 million to mention the name, date, place of birth and domicile of auditors. If they are using an auditing firm, they will have to give the name of the firm and its address.

Other documents required when you apply to incorporate a company in Cameroon include:

  • Photocopy of national identity card or passport (foreigners) for shareholders
  • Certificate of non-conviction for shareholders to show whether you have served jail time or paid a fine to compensate for jail time

Do you want to apply to incorporate a company in Cameroon? We can help ease your time and cut cost for you.

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