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start a dropshipping business in Cameroon

I’m not clear on how I can start a dropshipping business with no capital

Discover the keys to launching a successful dropshipping venture in Cameroon with limited capital in 2024.

2023 statistical and tax returns filing

Early Preparation for 2023 Statistical and Tax Returns Filing

Ensure a seamless 2023 statistical and tax returns filing with OpenHub Consulting Ltd. Discover expert guidance for early preparation, new deadlines, and stress-free compliance. Your financial peace of mind starts here!

Know Your Orange Number

How to Check Your Orange Number in Cameroon

Have you ever found yourself in the predicament of urgently needing your Orange number in Cameroon, only to draw a blank at the crucial moment? If you’ve been nodding along, you’re not alone. The question of how to check an Orange number has been echoing on my website, with many seeking a straightforward solution. Today,…

Incorporate Your Business in Cameroon and get a new year gift!

Let’s Kickstart Your Business Journey in Cameroon: A New Year Gift Just for You!

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The introduction of new tariffs can play a crucial role in incentivizing individuals to opt for digital transactions.

Promoting Digital Transactions in Cameroon

Digital-to-cash transactions help governments reduce costs associated with printing, distributing, and securing physical currency.

End of Year Tax Filing in Cameroon

2023 End of Year Tax Filing in Cameroon

Statistical and tax returns filing is a vital process that allows taxpayers to accurately report their financial information and fulfill their obligations to the tax authorities.

Angela built a successful business from home

How Angela Built a Successful Business from Home

How Angela E. Built a Successful Business Online from Her Living Room

interest paid to investors

What is interest paid to investors?

Technology startups in Cameroon receive favourable tax incentives to stimulate investment and promote the growth of the digital economy. These include a reduced income tax rate of 5% on interest paid to investors and dividends paid to shareholders, and on movable capital revenue. This strategy is part of the government's plan to foster entrepreneurship, attract investment, and support the development of the technology sector in the country.

dividends paid to shareholders

What is dividends paid to shareholders?

Cameroon offers a tax incentive to encourage investment in technology startups. Any dividends paid to shareholders and income tax on movable capital revenue or investor interest are taxed at a reduced rate of 5%. The government aims to stimulate the growth of the digital economy, entrepreneurship, and attract more investment to the tech sector. Startups and investors should, however, consult tax professionals to understand the eligibility criteria and other associated requirements.

What is income tax on movable capital revenue

What is income tax on movable capital revenue?

Technology start-ups in Cameroon enjoy a reduced 5% tax rate on income from movable capital revenue, dividends, and interest payments, as part of a government initiative designed to encourage entrepreneurship and technology investment. The aim is to stimulate growth in the digital economy. Start-ups and investors are advised to consult tax professionals to fully understand the scope and conditions of these incentives.