EDEF Ship Chandler – Ship Chandler Douala & Kribi Port

EDEF Ship Chandler is one of the leading ship suppliers at the Douala and Kribi ports in Cameroon. Ship Chandlers supply the necessary needs like food, lubricants, oil, spare parts and the most essential requirements of a ship and the ship’s crew.

EDEF Ship Chandler is leading in the supplies of Fresh, Dry and Frozen provisions for ships that load and discharge at the Douala and Kribi ports. They are experts in marine supplies and always ensures that their clients get the best quality of products and other vessel necessities. They have an extensive knowledge on the necessities for ships and crew member.

They also supply technical and bonded store supplies for vessels. They have been offering efficient, reliable and superior services to the many clients that have entrusted their vessel and ship needs to them.

In addition to technical, provision and bonded store supplies, they also offer repairs, maintenance, servicing and refilling services to vessels that anchor at the Kribi and Douala ports. Below are a list of products and services offered by EDEF Ship Chandler at the Douala and Kribi ports:

Ship Chandler Services

EDEF Ship Chandler Kribi Seaport - Ship Supplies

EDEF Ship Chandler have expert knowledge and experience with a wide network of suppliers and partners to furnish the needs of vessels and its crew. They supply fresh and dry provisions, bonded stores, spare parts, engine, deck and cabin store needs. Take a look at a list of the needs for ships that EDEF supplies.

Ship Repair & Maintenance

EDEF Ship Chandler Kribi Seaport - Ship Supplies

EDEF Ship Chandler has a great experience in offering general repairs and maintenance on board and ashore. They carry out emergency repairs and servicing, supplies marine spare parts and reconditioning services.

They have an expert team that provides repair and maintenance services on ships, tugboats, pusher boats and fishing vessels. They are experts in the repair of propeller shafts, engines, shafts, rudder, etc. This includes preventive maintenance, damage repair and modifications. They also have highly experienced welders who carry out metal work repairs on bilges, hull, bow and other surfaces. You can check here to get more information about this service.

General Ship Cleaning

EDEF Ship Chandler Kribi Seaport - Ship Supplies

Hygiene and the respect of environmental and safety regulations are primordial when it comes to vessels sailing the sea. EDEF Ship Chandler offers general cleaning services on board vessels from garbage and sludge removal, fuel tank cleaning services, chipping and painting, sandblasting, underwater cleaning services, laundry and cargo cleaning. Check for more on general ship cleaning services offered by EDEF at the Kribi Deep Sea Port and the Douala Port


Equipment Rental Services

EDEF Ship Chandler Kribi Seaport - Ship Supplies

Do you need marine and industrial equipment rental services at the Kribi Deep Sea Port and Douala Port? EDEF offers short and long term project rental services for vessels that dock at the Douala and Kribi ports.

Their rental services is fast, timely and reliable. They also provide installation assistance to their clients. Their rental services are cost-effective and respect regulation and safety principles.

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