Cakes and Cake Decorating | Introducing Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties

Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties is a home-based cake business based in Yaounde owned by Yvette Mbuh. Yvette started cake decorating as a hobby, but today, she’s fully into a professional cake decorating business.

Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties is a custom cakes and sweet treats business that bakes and decorates cakes for your event, meeting or special occasions to make it memorable and delicious.

Vettelicious Cake Decorating Services

Getting a custom-made Vettelicious Cake for your special occasion is a great way to celebrate. Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties offer cakes for the following occasions and more:

Cake Decorating
  • Traditional and white weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Special achievements
  • Baby showers, new or upcoming baby
  • Retirement or send-off parties

Having a meeting?

Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties knows how to add some extra creative boosters for your meeting. They can come up with the following options for your meetings:

  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Fish pies / rolls
  • Tching-tching and other fries

Whatever occasion you are having, Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties can custom-make a selection of treats for it. It could be a seasonal gift for your clients, gifts for conference attendees, gifts for donation events, etc.

There are many ways to celebrate a special occasion – making Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties part of it will make it great!

Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties is mobile

You don’t need to be based in Yaounde to order your special treats from Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties. They are ready anytime to accompany you at your preferred location.

If you have an occasion in mind and you are ready order from Vettelicious Cakes & Treats, you can choose any of the contacts below.

Email: | Call / WhatsApp: +237 675 276 226 | Facebook: Yvette Mbuh

Do you want your business to be Verified on OpenHub Digital just like Vettelicious Cakes & Cuties? Get in touch with us using any of the means below!

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