Prepare to Announce Your Company’s Name Change

Have you changed the name of your company recently? Do you know that it’s very necessary for you to inform your customers, suppliers and any other third-party when you change the name of your business? Who do you plan to announce your company’s name change to first?

A change of name with the Trade and Personal Property Register in Cameroon results in the publication of a notice in any of the newspapers authorized to publish legal notices. However, that’s not all – you got more work to do than what the law says.

The authorized announcement is not enough

It’s not only about announcing in an authorized newspaper. There’s the probability that your clients don’t even read the newspaper that the legal notice is published in. Many Cameroonians depend on digital technology today for information and may miss the publication.

Most of your customers may be connected to the Internet. You may have updated your website with maybe a new logo and brand colors to announce your name change. You have to do more than that. If you depend only on your website, then it may end up getting what you never bargained for.

Don’t surprise your customers with a name change

Don’t let your customers get confused because you will loose business. Don’t also surprise them with a new name. Let them be part of the change – engage with them and make them part of the story. After all, your clients are an integral part of your business. You are there because they are there. You are each others keeper, isn’t it?

Tell your audience why you want to change the name. In my previous post, shared with you some reasons why companies change their names. You can find out if yours is inside and if not, you can add it in the comment section. We all learn from it.

Regardless of the reason, ensure that you find a story that will suit your customers. Connect the story with them, so they can be part of the history behind the name change. They have to hear from you, if not they will get another story elsewhere and this will lead to mistrust.

What are you going to tell them?

Answers to the questions below will give you an idea of what story you are going to tell them:

  • Does the name change reflect a shift in the firms culture? If yes, tell them all about it.
  • Is the name change in alignment with the goals to help your customers?
  • How will the new name help reflect the values of the firm?

Who do you announce your company’s name change to first?

The love you have for your customers is the beginning of business. I know many will think their customers need to first of all know before any one else. However, that’s not the case – charity begins at home. If I am you, I start with:


They deserve to know first before anyone else. Just imagine an employee shocked when a partner, supplier, vendor or client tells them about the new name of their company! Next is the…


You need to make your customer feel special too. You can call, send them messages or even visit them to announce the new name. Do not forget to tell them the story behind the name change. Let them know they are at the epicenter of the change of name. You should not forget the …


They’re not only your customers but your apostles. You can even use them as a medium to announce your company’s name change. Educate them to educate the others. The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. They will be of great help in spreading the message. Your customer and vendors are therefore your evangelists. They will be the ones to preach the good news to others who are standing on the fence. After these, make sure you check on your …


They’re those with whom you work and carry out projects and announce your company’s name change to them. If your business is a member of a professional organization, then it will be great to let them know about the new name of your business.

You have everything worked with the government and it’s now time to announce your company’s name change. How do you do that? That’s the big question that we will answer in tomorrows post.

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