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Company Profile – 3ConeX Limited

3ConeX Limited is a progressive company that offers training on 21st century skills that is committed to bringing the value of digital skills, technology and STEM to a generation that no longer needs excuses or limitations.

Learn to Code - Coding4Kids by 3Conex.com

Why do kids in Cameroon need to learn to code

Kids who grow up with a foundation of computational thinking and coding are better equipped to collaborate on a project, work together in a team, and communicate effectively with others.

programming will help your child to be consistent, persistent and patient

Programming Will Help Your Child to be Persistent, Consistent & Patient

The 9-month Programming course for kids by 3ConeX will teach your child to be persistent, consistent & patient in everything they do.

coding improves your kid's arts and creativity skills

Improve Your Child’s Arts & Creativity Using Coding

Coding helps bring out the creative potential of children. Enrol your child for the Coding for Kids course by 3ConeX online & on-site...

coding improves critical thinking in kids

Coding Helps Improve Critical Thinking Skills in Kids  

Critical thinking helps for better decision-making, which is not only helpful for programmers, but will be helpful for your children’s future needs.

coding teaches kids problem-solving skills

Coding Teaches Kids Problem-Solving Skill

Kids of all ages usually run across problems that need solutions. It is the work of families and educators to help in finding solutions for the child’s problem. It is therefore necessary to teach these kids problem-solving skills. Teaching kids how to solve problems does not only help them in academics. It also helps them…