coding improves critical thinking in kids
Coding Helps Improve Critical Thinking Skills in Kids  
August 10, 2022
programming will help your child to be consistent, persistent and patient
Programming Will Help Your Child to be Persistent, Consistent & Patient
August 15, 2022
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Improve Your Child’s Arts & Creativity Using Coding

coding improves your kid's arts and creativity skills

Coding helps bring out the creative potential of children.

Kids that learn coding at an early age develop their design thinking amazingly fast. Putting their creativity to work begins with a questioning mindset. This helps to improve their critical thinking skills.

For this to happen, our trainers encourage the kids to explore their ideas, experiment, make mistakes and question their assumptions. This fosters their sense of creativity as they start learning to code by using animating graphics or writing games.

When we think creativity, we think innovation. As kids, they will sometimes be faced with issues that are difficult to solve. However, using their creative thinking skills, they can find innovative solutions from different possibilities to solve problems.

The Coding4Kids course by 3ConeX helps your child to create new and unique applications. This will help ignite the creative potential of the child.

Our trainers engage the children using a creative knowledge building process which helps them to think out-of-the-box. This will help them to improve their problem-solving skills.

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity is the foundation for innovation and leadership, as it connects existing ideas with innovative approaches. With this in mind, we need to give our curious and imaginative kids the necessary tools needed to think creatively and solve problems for the next generation.

Now that you know this, do not hesitate to use this opportunity offered by TriConeX Ltd to enrol your child for the Coding4Kids 9-month course that will take place every Saturday, beginning September 2022 both online and on-site.

This program is aimed at giving the kids more insight to coding, building on their creativity, problem-solving, design thinking skills and more.

They will also delve into the advanced coding world using different programming language such as python, Coffee Script, Java, learn about robotics and more. They would also start learning how to develop their own application, games, and software at an early stage.

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The aim is to build a new tech generation of kids who will become experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Scientists, Cloud Experts and more.

You do not need to have a computer or laptop at home for your kids to take part in this course. For those who are based in Douala, TriConeX provides laptops and fast Internet access at their Coworking Space in Bonamoussadi.

It should be noted that the course is online, hence you can enroll your child from any part of the world.

To enroll, contact 3ConeX using the details below:

Office:  +237 233 475 374 

Sales: +237 677 839 736 | +237 699 421 947 

Email: |

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