Digital Marketing

Attract Long-lasting Customers to Your Business

Long-lasting customers are the bedrock of every business. Thanks to the Internet, many businesses are able to bond with existing customers.

restaurant delivery service business

A Disruptive Eatery Business With Small Start-up Cost

Brief: A restaurant delivery service business is another low-budget option for those who are interested in running an eatery business. During my coaching sessions with university students, I discovered that eatery business is the easiest and most doable business idea that pops when you ask them. Everybody wants to own a restaurant, because they are…

October 2019 questions and answers

October 2019 questions and answers on OpenHub

Brief: OpenHub Digital is not just a website to get information, but a platform where we interact with our audience. I will be sharing with you October 2019 questions and answers. It’s the start of a new month fresh with new ideas. In everything we do, there should always be room for innovation. I thought…

freelance content marketer

Become A Freelance Content Marketer In Cameroon

In a previous post, I wrote about 5 online business models that can be started in Cameroon. We also had a glimpse of what it takes to start, run and grow a business in Cameroon explained in the same post. With the growing need for content by businesses and brands in Cameroon, becoming a freelance…

Digital Marketing Tools

5 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools for your Startup

Marketing has changed so much in recent years with many startups adopting digital marketing in replacement for traditional marketing which they find expensive. This made me to come up with the best digital marketing tools that I have tested with great success. [trend-ad-shortcode id=”4512″ title=”Leaderboard Google Adsense”] Not all digital marketing tools are that effective.…

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

5 Things Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need to Know to boom in 2021

As an aspiring entrepreneur, It would not  be an overstatement to say: “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. Getting yourself well equipped with the pros and cons of a business, would not just be a good backing but makes way for the aversion of disaster or setbacks. Through this article,  every aspiring entrepreneur will cultivate…