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Attract Long-lasting Customers to Your Business

Long-lasting customers are the bedrock of every business. Thanks to the Internet, many businesses are able to bond with existing customers.

content writing
Printers Put Their Name & Number On Posters in Cameroon

Become a Professional Freelance Writer and Blogger

When I started writing online, it was just like having one of my dreams come true. I really loved writing but never knew I will instead become a professional freelance writer or blogger. I had just one competitor for the position of creative writing (composition) in the my last years in secondary school. I could…

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Become A Freelance Content Marketer In Cameroon

In a previous post, I wrote about 5 online business models that can be started in Cameroon. We also had a glimpse of what it takes to start, run and grow a business in Cameroon explained in the same post. With the growing need for content by businesses and brands in Cameroon, becoming a freelance…

Client's Voice

Content Marketing Basics – Writing In Your Client's Voice

There are many great writers out there who can put out excellent content for your business. However, it is not by giving out great content that matters. Writing in your client’s voice is what actually matters and and is quite challenging. Just imagine a comic character trying to mimic someone. That’s just what content writers,…

Africa got talent

Africa Got Talent That Only Africa Alone Can Sell

When I wrote this content about Africa Needs Online Content from Africa by Africans, I got a lot of reactions from it and thought I should talk more about and bring out the valuable contributions I got from fellow Africans and those who were born in Africa. Indeed, Africa got talent that we have to…

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Africa Needs Online Content From Africa By Africans

Talking about online content from Africa, most of it is written by visitors from other continents and not by Africans. With people making a lot of money from content writing, Africans still need to make money out of content from Africa. Even the few African bloggers we have on the continent mostly blog about entertainment…

Content Writing

Make Money Writing Content Online – Content Writing Free Course

You finally found what you were looking for. You hear people are paid for writing or blogging online; and that they do it at their part time. Some take it full time and make a living out of it. You also hear that you can work from anywhere – your bedroom, on a rolling desk…