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Are You Setting up a Business in Cameroon?
August 20, 2019
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Do you know you can influence how and what people think about your brand?
August 27, 2019

Become a Professional Freelance Writer and Blogger

When I started writing online, it was just like having one of my dreams come true. I really loved writing but never knew I will instead become a professional freelance writer or blogger. I had just one competitor for the position of creative writing (composition) in the my last years in secondary school. I could create any story on anything the teacher gave.

I dreamed of one day becoming a writer. It wasn’t easy even though I have some poems. I started writing fictions and gave up. I asked myself if being a professional freelance writer or blogger will be that easy.

In the beginning, I thought writing online was just like normal writing. My first blog posts were a failure. One thing many people fail to understand is writing online is different from writing for paper print.

I was super excited when I started this blog. The moment I get up, I have hundreds of ideas, but by the time I touch my keyboards, they disappear into thin air.

Fast forward today, blogging and freelance writing makes a great chunk of my income. I have been ghost blogging for 2 years now for many bloggers. Since 2016, I have been providing content as a tech journalist, coffee reporter for Africa, entertainment and so on.

The journey may not be that easy, but for those who are passionate and want to use it to make a living, perseverance and persistence is key. When ever you see these 3Ps (Passion, Perseverance & Persistence) in one sentence, know there is success at the end.

With all these difficulties encountered in all these, I decided not to let others go through this when I can help. I may not be getting the views like the get-rich blogs will promise you. Believe me, I get the necessary audience.

If you think it’s time for you to launch your own successful blog from scratch, then this is for you. OpenHub Digital offers a 1 month beginners course to become a professional freelance writer or blogger.

Join us build and launch your blog in these few steps:

  • Define your niche – this will help you know what you will be good at blogging about.
  • Master WordPress – you don’t need to be developer or techie. The course will cover everything on how to set-up WordPress, create blog posts, pages, categories, menus, how to add images, plugins and so on.
  • Create amazing content – a blog is content. We will teach you how to create amazing content with ease, what to blog about and how to find your writer’s voice. You will be an intern on your own blog as we will guide you on your first 10 blog posts.
  • Create and design beautiful images – images play an important role in easing the readers understanding. We will teach you how to create catchy images and add to your blog posts. We will provide you with free tools to help you come up with amazing images.
  • Effortlessly start your first email list – this is one of the most important things you need to do at the beginning. You need to connect with your audience if you want to earn income with your blog. In order to start building trust with your audience, we teach you how to set-up your first email list and what to write.
  • Set up social media – this is what will help you drive traffic. We will show you how to create social media accounts and help you choose which ones to start with.
  • Blogging tools and many more – we share with you skills, tools and resources that will help increase your productivity.

All those who take this course will end up having their own blog. If you feel as managing an already existing blog, then good and fine. We have blogs in various niches where we develop and give some our trainees to manage. You can see below a few of the blogs managed by our trainees.

Don’t worry, they don’t do it for free. They automatically become a partner and we share any profits made amongst us. This is the path taken by many who want to start earning income or who want to become freelance writers.

We don’t only want you to become a freelance writer, we want you to be an entrepreneur by owning stakes in the blog. That will help you to make more money and understand the dynamics more. You can even be doing that and running your own blog.

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Openhub Digital - Company Incorporation in Cameroon
Kermann Lobga Derick
Kermann Lobga Derick
Content Writer / Blogger | Small Business Coach | Branding Expert | Entrepreneur| Dad Kermann Lobga is a copywriter, results-oriented digital marketing professional and an entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience.

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