Content Marketing Basics – Writing In Your Client's Voice

There are many great writers out there who can put out excellent content for your business. However, it is not by giving out great content that matters. Writing in your client’s voice is what actually matters and and is quite challenging. Just imagine a comic character trying to mimic someone. That’s just what content writers, especially ghost-writers have to do – learn how to mimic their clients.

As a ghostwriter, you need to get the style and tone of your client’s voice. This could be done from direct interaction with the client and reading existing material by or for your client if you can lay hands on it. After doing this you will have to compare your tone with what you already got about your client. This will help you to have a good idea on what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

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When I follow-up the social media accounts of some celebrities, I can easily sense that someone else is managing it for them. Their content doesn’t reflect the style and tone of the person. It is easy to detect the difference. If you follow the person constantly and you are a good ghostwriter, it is possible to know that two or more people are using the account. A good ghostwriter should therefore be able to write in the voice of their client in such a way that a keen reader will not be able to detect any difference.

When I get a ghostwriting job, the first thing I do is I try to read aloud previously published material of my client. I consider myself a student of my client’s voice. I verify the clients website, social media feeds and if available, newsletter archives. I go through them for a while making sure I memorize my clients voice by reading it aloud. This helps me to easily recognize my clients content, familiarize myself with it since it is what will help me match the writing style and tone.

My clients are always surprised when I send a piece of my trial work and ask them “is that you talking?” Most of them don’t understand at first sight until I will have to explain myself. However, all of them have always given me a more than 70% score in mimicking their voice.

To write in your client’s voice is not something that you can get up and do overnight. It is a process that needs a lot of practice. The more you write for each client, the better you get to know their voice.

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I will be sharing with you more tips on how to ghostwrite in your clients voice. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for your ghostwriting services. If you want to be a blogger or a book author yet you have no writing skill, don’t worry. You can be a great writer without knowing how to write. You just need to get in touch by sending a mail. Do same if you need to acquire content writing skills. Leave comments below and do not hesitate to subscribe.

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