Africa Needs Online Content From Africa By Africans

Talking about online content from Africa, most of it is written by visitors from other continents and not by Africans. With people making a lot of money from content writing, Africans still need to make money out of content from Africa. Even the few African bloggers we have on the continent mostly blog about entertainment and politics. The other fields have been left unexploited. Most of the bloggers also don’t know how to make money out of their blogs. That’s why you find most bloggers abandon their blogs or become very inconsistent in posting content on the blogs.

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Make Money Writing Online Content for Africa

There are many ways for you to make money writing online content or blogging. Even though I am yet to make it that big, I have started gaining some returns of my hard work. It’s not an easy task and needs some extra energy. At times you have to sacrifice so many things to put out the best there for people to read.

However, I am still to put in place all the potentials necessary to generate money from my blog. The number of Internet users out there is growing daily.

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Africa Needs More Content Online by Africans

The need for information about Africa is also growing daily. Content about Africa is what is rare to find online today. Type disease, bad governance, civil wars and Africa will fill the first pages of search engines. Yet we complain that the world hates us. They write wrong things about Africa, yet we patronize their media, their content. What did you expect? If you can’t write about your own, someone else will do so for you the way he/she perceives.

Apart from South Africa and Nigeria, it’s very difficult to get content from other African countries. Most of the time content we read is coming from out of Africa. Africa’s content is mostly done by non-Africans. This means they write what they think and not what the Africans who fall on such information will want to get. That’s why I am encouraging the creation of content by Africans for Africa. Let the world hear our own stories from us and not from a visitor or tourist. The web content business in Africa is still underdeveloped. Reason why anyone entering into producing content in Africa will not only help Africans but can make some money out of it.

Talking about making money writing content, it is something that many are still to understand in Africa. In fact many are still to know how to write and make money out of the content that they will put out. In one of my first workshop I organized, participants were surprised when I told them the various ways they can make money writing. However, it’s not just something to be done in a day. It is something you have to build up and with time, you will be able to get the returns.

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If you still plan to take some time and understand what content writing is all about, then subscribe to this blog and we will be feeding you with good content always.

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Let’s Sell Africa to World by Creating Online Content

Africa is a fertile ground for many things. We have the talent, the resources, the entrepreneurs, the products, tourism, arts, culture, fertile land, lovely people. There are many things to write about. We have things that nobody out of Africa knows about but will want to know. Who has to tell the world about it? Who will write the content for the world to read? Do you want someone who doesn’t know us and cultural values to tell the world about us?

This reasons pushed me to launch a course to train online digital content writers for Africa, to write about Africa. If you are already a content writer and wants to build a portfolio or smoothen your skills as a writer, we have where you can showcase your work to the world. Use this opportunity to create a portfolio that you can use to get content writing gigs online. Let’s make this “Africa” niche go viral. Send your articles to us at to be published in our various blogs. Our blogs covers almost every niche you can find on the Internet. However, the content must be about Africa.

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You don’t just write for nothing. You write to make money. I will be sharing with you in another post how to make money writing content for your own blog. You can subscribe to our blog so as to be the first to get to know about the 10 Ways You Can Monetize Your Blog in Africa.

If you think you can write and want to make extra money on writing content, then you are in the right place. You can fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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