Failed to File Tax Return on Time in Cameroon?

What happens when you fail to file tax return on time in Cameroon?

A taxpayer maybe liable to a late payment penalty if he/she fail to file tax return or does not pay by due date the amount of tax owed. Taxpayers need are supposed to be notified before penalized for late payment

Once a taxpayer fails to file tax return within the prescribed time-limit, the tax office will send a notification letter as reminder for the taxpayer to pay tax owed.

Late payment notification

I have heard taxpayers complain of being penalized one day after the prescribed time-limit. I don’t know if that’s true, but this is not supposed to be case.

When a taxpayer fails to file tax return on time, the tax authority issues a late payment notification. The late payment notification gives the taxpayer 15 (fifteen) days to regularize the tax debt, else a late payment penalty would be applied.

file tax return

This notification process provides the taxpayer the opportunity to file tax return and pay the owed tax without any late payment penalty within the 15-day period.

Make sure the reminder letter has a postmark or signed mail register in case of direct delivery. The 15 days takes into consideration weekends and public holidays. The law talks of “15 (fifteen) days” and not “15 working days”.

Register of active taxpayers

taxpayers who are up-to-date with their taxes are shall be entered in the active taxpayers’ register. Those that are not are not up-to-date with their taxes shall be removed from the General Directorate of Taxation’s register of active taxpayers.

This happens when a taxpayer has failed to file returns for a period of over three consecutive months. The taxpayer can be reinserted in the register after regularizing the owed tax.

It should be also noted that taxpayers who are not found in the active taxpayers’ register would not be allowed to carry out import activities. Checkout this beginner’s guide to start an import business in Cameroon.

Every taxpayer who is liable to file monthly return must do so on or before the 15th of the month for the previous month as per legislation. See what happens when you fail to file monthly return in Cameroon.

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