tax rate

Pros & Cons of A Low Corporate Tax Rate

Recently, the 2023 finance bill of Cameroon comes with a possible reduction of the corporate tax rate from 28% to 25%.

corporate tax

Why governments reduce corporate tax

The new corporate income tax rate of 25% should be a huge boost for state revenues in Cameroon, as many small businesses will become formal.

corporate tax rate

Cameroon to Reduce Corporate Tax from 28% to 25%

The government of Cameroon, according to the proposed 2023 finance bill, may reduce corporate tax rate from 28% to 25% for businesses ...

Chef-Dawei_Fast-food restaurant

The best Fast-Food Restaurant Operator’s Guide in Cameroon

Let's see some of the most important factors to consider when opening a fast-food restaurant in Cameroon. #fastfood #restaurants #cameroon

Tax on private educational institutions in Cameroon

How Private Educational Institutions Are Taxed in Cameroon

In Cameroon, all assets and revenues of non-profit private educational institutions used directly or exclusively for educational purpose are exempted from company tax. Education is considered a social service, hence has a preferential treatment in the tax legislation. The government doesn’t levy company tax on the main activities of private educational institutions in Cameroon. However,…

unregistered business

What if you’re caught running an unregistered business in Cameroon?

You can run an unregistered business in Cameroon as long as your business is legal and meets the tax and licensing requirements. Be Careful!


Start preparing for your year-end accounts

As a small business, closing out the fiscal year may help you prepare better for the next one by going through relevant company data to understand the financial state of your business.

taxpayer identification number

You need a unique identification number to do business in Cameroon

Taxpayers are obliged to mention the Unique Identification Number on any document showing any business transaction. Get your taxpayer identification online with OpenHub Digital

separate your personal & business expenses

Separate business expenses from personal

Separating business and personal finances may not be an easy task for first-time business owners who are unfamiliar with the process.

Statistical & Tax returns

Obligation to file tax returns in Cameroon

In Cameroon, a new business maybe exempted from paying the business license tax for at least one year. This does not stop the business from declaring and paying their income taxes.