Impoundment Fees in Cameroon

Impoundment Fees: Supporting Order and Enforcement in Cameroon

Gain insights into how impoundment fees contribute to the effective enforcement of regulations and the preservation of public safety in Cameroon.

Slaughter Tax in Cameroon

Slaughter Tax in Cameroon: Supporting Local Economy and Infrastructure

Discover how the slaughter tax in Cameroon plays a crucial role in supporting the local economy and infrastructure. Learn about the rates, payment obligations, and the impact of this tax on the livestock industry.

Council Levies - OpenhubDigital

Understanding Council Levies in Cameroon: Types, Obligations, and Implications

Understand your obligations and the implications of these taxes imposed by the municipal council. Learn about the different fees and duties, such as building permits and parking fees, and their impact on the local economy. Stay informed about council levies to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Cattle Tax in Cameroon

Understanding Cattle Tax in Cameroon

Understand the penalties for non-compliance and the importance of fulfilling your obligations as a cattle farmer. Stay informed to avoid penalties and contribute to the local economy.

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filing taxes

Minister of Finance Grants Second Extension of Tax Filing Deadline

Businesses in Cameroon have been granted a second extension on the deadline for filing taxes for the 2022 fiscal year.

2023 Statistical & Tax Returns

The Benefits of Filing Early: Why It Pays to Start Your 2023 Statistical and Tax Returns Now

Why It Pays to Start Your 2023 Statistical and Tax Returns Now From avoiding stress and catching errors to getting a head start on preparing for the future, there are plenty of reasons why filing early can be a great decision.

Duty to be imposed on goods in Cameroon

Import Duty On Some Agricultural Products

According to the 2023 Finance Bill of Cameroon, the government may impose a new import duty on some agricultural products.

tax rate

Pros & Cons of A Low Corporate Tax Rate

Recently, the 2023 finance bill of Cameroon comes with a possible reduction of the corporate tax rate from 28% to 25%.

corporate tax

Why governments reduce corporate tax

The new corporate income tax rate of 25% should be a huge boost for state revenues in Cameroon, as many small businesses will become formal.