January 4, 2022
Tax on private educational institutions in Cameroon

How Private Educational Institutions Are Taxed in Cameroon

November 23, 2021
unregistered business

What if you’re caught running an unregistered business in Cameroon?

You can run an unregistered business in Cameroon as long as your business is legal and meets the tax and licensing requirements. Be Careful!
November 22, 2021

Start preparing for your year-end accounts

As a small business, closing out the fiscal year may help you prepare better for the next one by going through relevant company data to understand the financial state of your business.
November 16, 2021
taxpayer identification number

You need a unique identification number to do business in Cameroon

Taxpayers are obliged to mention the Unique Identification Number on any document showing any business transaction. Get your taxpayer identification online with OpenHub Digital