stamp duty

Advertising Hoardings Meaning

Advertising Hoardings Meaning – Who Collects The Stamp Duty

What's advertising Hoardings? Who is liable to the stamp duty? Who collects? When is it due?

Printers Put Their Name & Number On Posters in Cameroon
Council taxes in Cameroon

8 Common Council Taxes In Cameroon You Don’t Know

See some taxes and fees collected by local and regional bodies which you may not have known

Specific Stamp Duty

The Introduction of a specific stamp duty in Cameroon

2020 Finance Law of Cameroon introduces a specific stamp duty of 25,000fcfa The 2020 finance law of Cameroon has put in place a specific stamp duty to be issued on certain documents. The rate of this specific stamp duty shall be 25,000FCFA (approximately $42). On January 20, 2020, the Director General of Taxation, Mopa Modeste…

Cameroon: Fiscal stamps to be sold online

The Prime Minister of Cameroon, Joseph Dion Ngute, signed a decree relating to the management of stamp duties and other fiscal values. Decree No 2019/2652/PM of August 5, 2019 introduces a new medium for selling fiscal stamps in Cameroon. Electronic stamp duty (fiscal stamps) will soon be sold online in Cameroon. Article 18 of the…

Local Tax

Cameroon’s Local Tax (Fiscal) Systems

The law on the local tax system in Cameroon is all about taxes, royalties and levies that are collected by the decentralized structures of the state. This includes the regional and local authorities. It applies to councils, sub-divisional councils, city councils, regions and other types of local and regional authority that may be set up…