file a tax return
Failure to file a tax return in Cameroon
September 26, 2020
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Characteristics of a private company
October 5, 2020

What happens if you fail to file the statistical & tax return on time?

statistical and tax return

The Tax Authorities in Cameroon expects taxpayers to submit their statistical and tax return before March 31 of every year. To ensure that taxpayers comply with this, the tax authorities have put in place non-discounted fixed fines to be paid by defaulters.

Taxpayers who are liable to corporate tax are required to file in returns using official forms provided by the tax authorities in Cameroon.

How to submit your statistical and tax return

Divisional Taxation Center

After filling the form and all mandatory annex documents, taxpayers of divisional tax centers may submit electronically or deposit at their tax center.

You can download the new statistical and tax return forms and mandatory annex documents.

Specialized Management Unit

Taxpayers of the Specialized Management Unit are made up of:

  • Large Tax Unit
  • Medium-sized Enterprise Tax Center and
  • Specialized Taxation Centers

These taxpayers are obliged to submit their statistical and tax returns electronically through the system put in place by the tax authority. This means printed files will not be accepted at the tax centers.


The statistical and tax return must be filed within the deadline prescribed by the law, else the taxpayer fined. The fines charged doesn’t take into consideration the penalties for failure to file a tax return which we saw in the previous post.

Fines for failing to file statistical and tax return

Once a taxpayer fails to submit the statistical and tax return on time, they are liable to pay a non-discounted fixed fine as provided by the law. See the fines below:

  • Taxpayers under the Large Tax Unit – XAF5,000,000 (five million francs)
  • Taxpayers under the Specialized Taxation Centers – XAF1,000,000 (one million francs)
  • Taxpayers under the Medium-sized Enterprises Taxation Centers – XAF1,000,000 (one million francs)
  • Taxpayers of the Divisional Tax Centers – XAF250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand francs)

Have you failed to file or forward your statistical and tax return? There’s no cause for alarm. Doing the right thing now is better than no doing anything. The right thing is that you should not let it accumulate.

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