Benefits Of Modern Agricultural Techniques

Modern agricultural techniques is more about the improvement in terms of innovation and invention, stewardship responsibility and all activities that have something to do with the global food challenge. It is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data, as well as collaborations among farmers and researchers across the private and public sectors.

Farming techniques have evolved to achieve maximum crop yield, to keep soils fertile as well as to obtain high quality products. It makes use of hybrid seeds of selected variety of a single crop, technologically improved equipment and lots of subsidies in the form of irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers.

Modern agricultural techniques have allowed agriculture to become part of a world economic system dominated by market rules and developed with related goals in mind. Most studies have demonstrated that farmers have embraced innovative practices and other growth techniques to produce enough food, fuel, and others for a growing universe while minimizing the impact on the environment at the same time.

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Innovations in agriculture technology help to use fewer resources including fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, chemicals, irrigation, water, multiple cropping, etc.

Examples include:

  • Technology to maximize crop space

  • Satellite imagery to survey soil

  • Technology to increase drought tolerance

  • Precision agriculture tools to reduce agricultural inputs and improve efficiency

In Africa, most of the government policies take into consideration various measure to promote agriculture. They offer farming equipment, free seeds, and at times the financing of agricultural research. However, this is not sufficient to achieve the goal which is to obtain the highest yields possible and to get the highest economic profit possible. In a previous article, I wrote how to make modern agriculture attractive for youths. This burden falls mostly in the hands of governments and investors.

To achieve that goal, they can learn and be more practical like others. The good example is what has been done in India. The government has adopted new technology, some types of agricultural practices and types of modern technology in agriculture during the mid 1960s to boost productivity per hectare of land. “characteristics of modern agricultural techniques”.

This has benefited the economy in creating employment and hence improve the living standards of its citizens. However, practicing modern agriculture is not all rosy. It is a more technical method that gives the expected result as well as problems to farmers.

By Essouma Carine Angela

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