5 Ways Blogging Can Boost Your Business

When growing up, I saw my father recording activities and thoughts in his old diary and on pieces of paper stapled together. These notes were really close to his heart and he will make sure he kept them in the privacy of his drawer under lock and key. But things changed as he was growing older. He has been on a wheelchair for quite a while now. He is still writing, but this time, he is doing it not only for himself but for others to benefit from his thoughts (hardcopy blogging). He shares the print version of his religious writings to those he comes in contact with.

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In other words, my father has seen that he can sell his thoughts and insights to others while listening to their own opinions through feedbacks. Those who accept his religious views get converted. Those who do not, he continues by writing and giving them reasons why they should choose his ways.

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From the short description of how my father stopped writing for himself and started writing for the public is not different from the changes we have been seeing on the Internet today. Observations, thoughts and insights are no longer a matter of being personal or kept private. They are posted on the Internet.

Blogging has become a very powerful tool used to engage readers, customers and potential customers of both big and small businesses. Blogs are online journals that are updated on a regular basis. They contain news, ideas, opinions, thoughts and brainstorms. Most blogs have links to other websites or blogs for reference or further sources of information.

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Blogs invite readers to post their feedback on what they read. This means same method can be used to get feedback for a company’s products. Nowadays, it applies to everything from sports, politics, health, fitness, entertainment, and many others. Blogs can be used to generate interest and create awareness and hence, bring income for your business.

Even though blogs aren’t for everyone, below are some five ways you can use blogs to accomplish basic business objectives.

1. Blog to Expose a New Product or Idea

https://openhubdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/strawberries-1373662_960_720.jpgUgandan Engineer, Abdulkariim Katende,has been making waves in Africa late because he has understood the power of posting updates of his inventions on Facebook. He fabricates manual and electric powered machines that can be of help to many especially in the rural areas of Africa. The power of blog posting on Facebook has made him an Internet sensation. People are contacting him from all over the world and asking about his products. It can be seen here that Katende has used postings to establish his products. This will give a positive impact for his business.

Potential customers and readers are always in search for more information about companies and products. This makes blogs to serve as a source of information for clients. A well informed client means less time to spend in the sales process.

2. Search Engine Rankings & SEO Improvements

https://openhubdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/business-3080799_960_720.pngMany companies want to be on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, etc. Web site visitors provide potential leads for businesses. If done with the right titles and descriptions, your web site’s Google search rank will improve. Potential clients might just be looking for what you are writing about. The search will lead them to your website and under normal circumstances, it will be more business for you.

To boost your SEO power of your blog posts, you can share links of other websites or previous blog posts that you made. The more your website has activity, the more it will rank higher on search engines. The more blog posts you give to your website’s blog, gives enough reason for Google’s crawlers to visit your page regularly, hence maintaining your search engine rankings.

3. Helps Position you as an expert in your field and Establishes your Brand


Blogging can be an effective marketing tool which can help you establish your business in your field. Blogging about your company’s product or services brings life into your business. This will help to create a branding which of course will draw more leads and potential clients. It helps portray your expertise in the given field. This sends a positive message to your customers and potential customers about your credentials in the market. This will uplift the face of your business and your personality.

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4. Influence public opinion & Local Events

https://openhubdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/social-media-1795578_960_720.jpgBlogging can influence public opinion in a great way. Blogs have become alternative sources of information. People can give their thoughts and opinions on things that affect their community. Once your thoughts and viewpoints are popular opinion, it will become good source where the public could get information. And there it goes, they also see your products.

You can create a lot of awareness about your business by blogging about local events. Businesses need to participate in local events within their community. Blogging about such activities can help bring more people to attend. It is a great opportunity for link building also. As you blog about these activities, the organizers might as well mention you in their websites or even newspapers. You know what this could mean for your business.

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5. Helps Businesses Engage openly with customers

Blogs are a ready source of feedback from customers to know what you are doing right or wrong or where you need to improve. That’s for blogs that allow reader or client comments. This also allows you to respond to customer reviews and feedbacks. Blogging helps your business to know the opinions of its clients. When you know your customers’ opinion about your business, you will know how to treat them. Customers are contented when businesses give them a forum in which they can lay their complains or drop their complements.

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