Job Description & Requirements of a Community Manager

In our last post, we provided you the job description of a Social Media Manager. In a previous post, we explained to you who is a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager.

We are now going to see the responsibilities and requirements of a Community Manager. The job description is similar to that of a Social Media Coordinator and a Brand Ambassador.

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This will help organizations to identify the ideal advocates for their brand as well as job seekers to customize their needs to meet the specific job requirements of a Community Manager.

Responsibilities of a Community Manager

It includes:

  • The setting up and implementation of a social media and communication campaign that aligns with the organization’s marketing strategy

  • Generate unique, engaging and creative text, video and image content for the various social media accounts

  • Boost brand awareness through creative marketing ideas and events

  • Build a community and a fruitful relationship with clients, potential clients, journalists and other industry professionals

  • Has to work with the product development and sales department to keep informed about new products and features

  • Monitor and manage public comments, customer queries and feedbacks/reviews

Community Manager Requirements

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As said above, a good community manager should be able to create good content, have excellent communication skills and must be able to moderate online conversations in the community in order to promote the brand and engage with customers. This means the following are required of a community manager:

  • Must have experience in launching community initiatives for example building an online forum, creating an event series, etc

  • Have excellent writing and communication skills

  • Ability to use social network tools to manage brands

  • Good analytical skills. This will help in interpreting web traffic and online engagement metrics as well as tracking relevant community metrics

  • Have knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels

  • Ability to multi-task and attention to detail

  • A Degree in Marketing or related field will be very important

In summary, a community manager has to act as the voice and face of an organization’s brand and manage its community communications.

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