Community Manager Versus Social Media Manager

Social media has become a necessary tool for businesses and organizations to interact with their audience. From content curation, branding and customer care are what modern businesses have been doing on social media. The online community is growing daily hence the reason why companies see it necessary to make their presence felt on social networks.

Organizations now pay a great attention on their social network accounts. It has now become a top priority because they need to grab the attention of the their audience, generate leads, brand their business and convert customers.

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Now there is that important person behind-the-screen, the real game-changers who make things happen. It could be a Social Media Manager or a Community Manager. One thing is clear, their effort is very vital for your branding on social media.

Many people think the roles of a social media manager are synonymous to that of a community manager. They have very distinct functions and responsibilities.

Who is a Social Media Manager?

“A social media manager is responsible for being the brand on social media” (Sprout Social).

They are the ones who

  • Create content

  • Crafts post copies

  • Respond to comments, feedbacks and queries

  • Answer questions and many other things that help create online brand awareness and the organization’s reputation

Checkout the job description of a Social Media Manager

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And a Community Manager?

A Community Manager is an advocate for a brand on social media. How do you know them?

  • They have their own social persona that they create

  • They interact with the online community to connect with potential customers

  • They advocate for the brand

What community managers do is to mainly deal with those who may not have heard of the organization or business as well as boost the brand’s awareness.

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Checkout the job description of a Brand Ambassador.

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