Your reputation as an artiste matters a lot to your audience

Your reputation as an artiste matters a lot when it comes to your fans or audience. These are your customers and you need to do all to keep them. Don’t forget a customer is king and your source of revenue. They are the ones who buy your CDs, stream your music and watch your music videos.

That not withstanding, as an artiste, you are seen as a celebrity and Celebrity Reputation Management is a must for you. Becoming a celebrity is the dream of most artistes. As your ability to reach your audience increases, the chances that you will become a target of scandal, rumors and negative press increases.

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We have seen celebrities go down the drain because their reputation online in particular was not well managed. The Internet has been a blessing to many, but with the constant hate that we find in the industry, many celebrities have seen things turn out badly for them through this media.

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The Njie Clinton sex tape scandal

We have seen situations where artistes or other celebrities have suffered due to bad press, rumors or scandals. A glaring example is what Njie Clinton faced early this month with his sex tape scandal. The coverage of the incident by the media was so intensive. The negative press dominated social media and search engines. He became more popular in a day than all the years he has been a footballer.

I will share with you more insights on the Njie Clinton scandal and reputation management. In his case, there was nothing like innocent until proven guilty because the evidence went viral on almost every online news outlet and social media in Cameroon.

This normally has tarnished the reputation of his family and most of all he must have been moally down. This happened when he was just from signing a deal with his new club. Even his apology was not covered by many of the media outlets that covered the scandal itself.

In such a situation, you will need the help of an online reputation service provider that will help salvage the situation. It’s common to hear that the Internet never forgets nor forgives, which is very true. However, that does not mean that the negative reputation cannot be repaired.

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Your Reputation as an Artiste Matters to Us

OpenHub Digital Reputation Management Services

At OpenHub Digital, your reputation as an artiste matters a lot to us. You cannot invest your sweat, blood and tears to get to the top and just a single rumor, scandal or bad press bring you down in a day. We offer online reputation management service that is dedicated to make life easy for celebrities.

On a careful note, you should not only wait for a big scandal to come up before you start running towards reputation management agency. We ensure on a daily basis that our celebrity clients get an effective control on social media. This is done by monitoring mentions, comments and articles written about them online and take necessary actions towards them. In such a situation, it will be difficult for the artiste to suffer a tarnished image online.

We offer online celebrity reputation management services to:

  • Artistes
  • Actors & actresses
  • Athletes
  • Politicians
  • Models and
  • Other public or popular figures

We design our services to help protect the careers of celebrities and wipe off negative publicity.

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