Your reputation as an artiste matters
Your reputation as an artiste matters a lot to your audience
August 29, 2019
Grandma was surely saying children of today are wasteful
September 2, 2019

Except for that one stubborn video, Clinton Njie is clean

Clinton Njie

Except for that one stubborn YouTube video that is seen on the first page and position on Google, Clinton Njie is clean. At the time of writing this post, I googled “Clinton Njie” and just one stubborn video about the scandal was found on the first page. I thought ‘may be he made use of an online reputation management service’.

Then I searched for “Njie Clinton”, I got some more YouTube videos and few headlines from some blogs. I thought ‘maybe the reputation management agency is not doing much’. Maybe they are still working behind the scene.

The entertainment industry in Cameroon is stained with scandals once in a while. How the scandals are managed online in particular leaves much to be desired. The celebrities actually ‘hit the iron while it’s still hot’. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way for everything.

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The tendency is that most of them say or do too much having no clue of the situation they are putting themselves into. Let me not even talk of their PRs – who are at times more celebrity than them. They need someone to manage their own reputation [giggling].

As an artiste with a great following, it is very certain that the road will not be smooth. Scandals, rumors, negative press and so on will make the road bumpy. If you have it in mind that it has to happen, then you should keep your backpack of missiles to use when it happens.

The Case of Clinton Njie

What OpenHub Digital Would Have Done

Analyze the topic

The first thing we do is to take a careful analysis of the situation. We then categorize the different search results, keywords used in order gauge the topic density.

Make use of SEO funnel

We carry out an SEO analysis to know the keywords that makes it rank. Domain authority, backlink profiles, keyword density, social shares, content authorship and many other things are filtered in our SEO funnel.

Put your assets into use

As an artiste, you know those that are always very critical of you or write negative things about you. It is now time for you to secure what you can control – the friendly media. During a crisis, viral news gets out of control. In such a situation, you need to gather all your digital assets to fight back negative press.

The assets may include:

  • Previously ignored social media profiles, blogs, websites and so on. The more of such you can control, the easier it becomes to contain negative press.
  • You may have to create or register new sites, social media profiles, resurrect old websites or blogs and so on. This depends on how intense the situation is.
  • OpenHub Digital has an arsenal of the above which can be used at any time the need arises

The above are just three of what we will do to contain the situation. Others include establishing a network of allies, develop a strategy that makes use of PR, ORM and SEO and then we execute the plan. We have an extensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization which we will use to conquer the first page of search results.

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