what people think about your brand
Do you know you can influence how and what people think about your brand?
August 27, 2019
Your reputation as an artiste matters
Your reputation as an artiste matters a lot to your audience
August 29, 2019
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Clean your image by removing the bad web presence

Clean your image

Celebrities or public figures are always on the spotlight. There are times their stars shine to the extent it blindfolds their audience. We have all seen celebrities or public figures make embarrassing gaffes or even caught in compromising situations. In such situations, you are obliged to clean your image.

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Every step a celebrity makes can be a headline. The public has an eye on you and we all know what the Internet can do. Mistakes are human, but that of a celebrity or public figure is super human. Everyone sees your mistakes and immediately makes it go viral by putting it on the web. This will tarnish your reputation online.

Just imagine a potential fan Googles your name and the first thing (s)he sees is a heap of negative reviews and bad press. That’s something you will not want to see happen. No one will want to get the spotlight on search engines through bad press or negative reviews. Someone must be there to clean your image for you.

The top spot on search engines usually features the latest or most popular news about you. This is actually determined by search engine algorithms which keeps the content constantly changing. In this case, the spotlight is not easy to control and will always change.

When you are a celebrity, your every move can be dissected on various platforms. That is where OpenHub Digital comes in handy. Our dedicated team of online reputation management professionals makes sure you maintain your desired reputation in the face of the public.

We open our eyes and ears to any disparaging content about you. This makes any bad press or negative news to go unnoticed or we smartly and carefully respond to. We clean your image and make sure it stays. OpenHub Digital offers online reputation management services to:

  • Artistes
  • Actors
  • Politicians
  • Popular faces
  • Dancers

Our team makes sure they carry out continuous scrutiny in order for you not to become a victim of online scandals or spoofs. We do this by monitoring comments, discussions, blogs, fan pages or mentions on social media sites. This ensures no negative mentions or bad press goes unnoticed.

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Kermann Lobga
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