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Why You Should Train Your Children In Various Arts – Ban'tikar Arts Workshop

Kids that are exposed to various forms of arts are more likely to become successful in life. You might be hearing this for the first time, but is true.

When a child successfully carries out an art project, it helps build his/her confidence. This also makes children to think out-of-the box and develop strong problem solving skills.

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Let Holiday Be Holiday

After spending close to nine months in school, children need a rest. Reason they are given a three months rest for the summer holiday. Holidays should be for rest and doing something else.

Learning Something Different from the Classroom

Why not send your kids to learn something different? This may help them even understand better their classroom work. For instance putting what they are taught into practice. Ask a primary school child the use of a ruler. They will tell you it’s used to draw lines. That’s true. Send that same child to a carpentry workshop and ask the same question after. I bet you, (s)he will give you a different answer.

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What Arts Can Do

Going back to arts or crafts, you should know that it is beneficial to other subjects done in school. It refreshes the minds of the students which results in a better cognitive performance in the other subjects.

Arts prepare your kids for the academic year by generally empowering them with critical thinking and creative abilities. It will particularly help them develop skills like

  • Visual thinking

  • Observation

  • they ease recognize and formulate patterns

  • thought and action habits. This includes persevering, practicing, problem solving and trial-and-error.[trend-ad-shortcode id=”4512″ title=”Leaderboard Google Adsense”]

Ban’tikar Arts Workshop

Ban'Tikar ArtsIf you have understood the above, then you will best know what Ban’tikar read what Ban’tikar Arts Workshop is all about.

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Ban’Tikar arts is an organization, run by a group of dedicated artists who are interested in promoting arts for what arts is supposed to be. In so doing their source is motivated by the African people from whom they are supposed to tap, develop and serve this very people with the products of arts. The African people. are dominantly the Bantus and semi-Bantus( Tikaris). Hence the name Ban’tikar, which is given to honor these people who are the source of African arts and rightful beneficiaries of this arts workshops.

Ban’tikar Arts Workshop is in its 11th edition and will start this year from July 2, 2018 to August 14, 2014. The venue is the Intensive Vocational Training Centre, IVTC, Camous at Bongo Square opposite former Alliance Franco Camerounaise, Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.

The theme for this year is “Visual Arts and Psycomotor Development”. The program will consist of Drama, Music, Dance, Photography and Fine Arts that will be taught by Max Sako Lyonga. The workshop this year has two levels: the Junior Level (ages below 16) and the Senior Level (ages from 16 and above).

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Send your children to learn new skills that will help them in developing their skills in formal education. We will keep you updated on events as it unfolds.

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