March 15 – deadline to file in your STR in Cameroon

Every right thinking business owner, entrepreneur should always be tax-compliant. To do that, you need to be honest, have adequate knowledge in taxes and be capable of using the knowledge well.  Have you been having problems managing your taxes?  To be tax-compliant means you need to be timely, accurate and put together adequate information in…

Are you planning to start a business in Cameroon

Training Workshop: Are you planning to start a business in Cameroon?

If you are planning to start a business in Cameroon, then you should take part in the upcoming Reboot Your Business  training workshop that will take place on February 29, 2020 in Douala.  There is a lot for you – entrepreneur, manager, business owner, accountants, professionals, etc. to go back home rich in your knowledge…

Camer Agricom

Workshop: Starting a Small or Medium-Sized Business in Cameroon

Brief: Workshop on Starting a Small or Medium-Sized Business in Cameroon organised by Camer Agricom. Have you ever wanted to understand why you need to incorporate or register your business? I know many of you have businesses running out there but are not sure of the benefits you would have in registering them legally. I…

Why You Should Train Your Children In Various Arts – Ban'tikar Arts Workshop

Kids that are exposed to various forms of arts are more likely to become successful in life. You might be hearing this for the first time, but is true. When a child successfully carries out an art project, it helps build his/her confidence. This also makes children to think out-of-the box and develop strong problem…