What is income tax on movable capital revenue?

Technology start-ups in Cameroon benefit from a reduced rate of income tax on movable capital revenue, dividends paid to shareholders, and interest paid to investors. This tax incentive, specifically designed for the technology sector, aims to foster an environment of entrepreneurship and encourage investment in technology start-ups, ultimately promoting the growth of the digital economy in Cameroon.

Under this tax regime, technology start-ups enjoy a reduced rate of 5% on income tax applicable to movable capital revenue. This means that when these start-ups sell or transfer movable assets, such as stocks, bonds, or other valuable personal property, they are subject to a lower tax rate on the resulting capital gains.

In addition to the reduced rate on movable capital revenue, this tax incentive also extends to dividends paid to shareholders and interest paid to investors by technology start-ups. By offering a more favorable tax rate on these forms of returns, the government of Cameroon aims to attract more investment into technology start-ups and encourage capital inflow into the digital economy.

This reduced rate of income tax on movable capital revenue, dividends, and interest makes investing in technology start-ups in Cameroon more attractive. It provides potential shareholders and investors with an incentive to allocate their capital towards these ventures, supporting the growth and development of the technology sector.

The availability and specific details of these tax incentives for technology start-ups in Cameroon may be subject to certain eligibility criteria, reporting requirements, and limitations. It is advisable for start-ups and investors to consult with tax professionals or relevant authorities to fully understand the scope and conditions associated with these tax incentives.

Overall, the reduced tax rate of 5% on income tax on movable capital revenue, dividends, and interest for technology start-ups in Cameroon plays a significant role in fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem, encouraging investment, and driving the digital economy forward in the country.

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