Launch a Dropshipping Business in Cameroon with Very Little Startup Capital

Brief: Many people want to start a business but always complain of lack of funds to do so. If you think lack of funds is what is keeping you behind to start that dream business of yours, then you can start a dropshipping business in Cameroon with as little as just a data bundle.

I shared with you a review of what we have done so far in the first quarter of 2019. You will realize we concentrated more on taxes than business models or activities you can do to earn some money for yourself full-time or part-time. As I promised, I will be sharing with you this week a business model that is doable in Cameroon – dropshipping.

Lire: Le dropshipping, qu’est ce que c’est?

Starting a dropshipping business in Cameroon

In one of my posts, I told you about dropshipping, a business model that you can start with very little capital in Cameroon. You don’t need to have a store, stock or need to carry out delivery to the customers. In fact the dropshipping business is all about being a middleman between the businesses that sell products and the customers who are willing to buy the products.

In this business model, the dropshipper doesn’t need to acquire stock but can receiver orders from customers. Two things can happen here – the dropshipper

  • may receive orders from customers and ask the supplier to supply directly or
  • may take orders, purchase the products from the retailer and ship directly to the customer

The second one happens if the dropshipper has funds to purchase or has received payment in advance. It also helps to eliminate some of the costs and time lost when distribution is through traditional channels. However, that is not where my focus is since I want you to start a business with little or no capital in Cameroon. Let’s see what dropshipping is all about.

What is dropshipping?

This is the process of selling something, usually a product without you being responsible for the inventory as well as shipping of the goods. In this case, the product manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer where you are getting the goods from is responsible for the maintaining inventory and shipping to the customer. One advantage is that you can set your own product price.Anyone planning to try out this business model will need to be able to establish fruitful relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. You should also be able to know which product is performing well in the market. It will be an added advantage as it will help you to know what is appealing to customers.

How to start a dropshipping business in Cameroon

Starting a dropshipping business in Cameroon is very easy. You can follow one of two ways:

  • Using an already established platform like Jumia Seller Center: Jumia as an e-commerce business has a great platform with millions of customers as well as thousands of daily website visit all over Cameroon. They have put in place a vendor market place where you can connect with millions of people searching for products online within and without Cameroon. With Jumia Seller Center, you can enjoy the benefits of selling hassle-free without you having a physical store.
  • Dropshipping by starting you own e-commerce website: This is for those who have some money and will want to start their own e-commerce website where they will earn 100% profit from their activities. With your e-commerce website, after a customer places an order and pays, you can purchase the items from a manufacturer or supplier who then fulfills the order and ships directly to the client. This saves you plenty of time to concentrate on customer acquisition as well as cuts operational costs.

We can help you at OpenHub Digital

If you plan to start a dropshipping business in Cameroon and you think getting your own e-commerce site is the best, then you just send us an email.

At OpenHub Digital, we do not only design custom websites, but also coach and mentor you in your business. You can check the benefits you will get from using us to design your e-commerce website.

If you are ready to start a business with low budget in Cameroon, make sure you stay glued to your favorite business blog, OpenHub. A dropshipping business may not need a lot of startup funds to launch, but will require a lot of work to be put in order to succeed.

Planning to register a business in Cameroon? No need to worry yourself. You can choose us for your business establishment and registration services.

Make sure you tell a friend or family to tell a friend or family if you found this post interesting. Sharing is caring. You may also want to fast-track walk-through on how to start dropshipping business or how to sell on Jumia Seller Center. Drop us an email using the contact box above.

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  1. Hello Derick,Its amazing to know someone out there also understands the concept of dropshipping. Tried it in 2019 but quickly burn through my start up cash because I was more involved with the western audience. I will love to hear more from you. Thanks.

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