Why and How to Register Your Small Business in Cameroon
April 11, 2019
How to File Income Taxes for Small Businesses in Cameroon
April 16, 2019

Why Choose Us For Your Business Establishment & Registration Services?

Our business establishment and registration services is one of the best in the Cameroon. Our team is there to help you save time and significant financial resources as well as reduce the risk of you not respecting the procedures.

OpenHub Business Advisory & Coaching Services provides coaching, company formation and registration services in Cameroon. Our company establishment and registration services include:

  • Consultation on type of entity and formal incorporation of businesses in Cameroon
  • Preparation of Company Statutes or Articles of Incorporation and all other legal documents needed for registration
  • Preparation and filing of company registration application in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register, TPPRR
  • Registration of share capital
  • Registration with the tax administration – Localization Plan, Business License, Certificate of Non-indebtedness
  • Represent your business in front of local authorities
  • Carry out your monthly tax declarations as well as prepare your business’ Statistics and Tax Return (STR) at the end of the year

Furthermore, we can help you arrange all the documents needed for opening a bank account for your business.

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Bonus: More than just business establishment

Once you carry out your company establishment and registration with us, we offer you a shout-out on social media. What I mean here is, we offer you a one-month free social media marketing service. This shout-out includes:

  • Business Establishment & Registration

NB: Those who subscribe to our web design services also benefit from all the above. The most surprising thing is that if you subscribe to our company registration service and web design package, each bonus stays. That means, we will give you one month free of the above for company establishment and another for web design package. So you have 2 months of free diBusiness Establishment & Registrationgital marketing services on any of our platforms.

You can get in touch now!

Email: info@openhubdigital.com | Tel: +237 699 421 947 | WhatsApp | Telegram

This content has been prepared for information purposes only. It is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, accounting or legal advice. You need to consult your own tax, accounting or legal advisors before engaging in any transaction.


Openhub Digital - Company Incorporation in Cameroon
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Kermann Lobga Derick
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