Importance of a Website to Your Business

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If you did not know, Cameroon has one of the highest Internet penetration rate in the Central African Region (24.2%), that’s after Gabon. With an estimated population of 25,312,993 as of 2019, Cameroon has an estimate of 6,128,422 Internet users (December 2018). Of this number, there are an estimated 2,700,000 that are subscribed to Facebook alone (December 2017).

This means Cameroon has seen enormous growth with a meager 20,000 Internet user as of December 2000 to 2,700,000 users as of December 2017. This gives a growth rate of 30.542% between 2000-2019 and a 24.2% Internet penetration rate. (Source: Internet World Stats)

Business owners in particular should take advantage of such increases in the usage of Internet to widen their audience and reach more customers. This can be done by having their business present online. There are many ways you can put your business on the Internet of which the best so far is to have your own website.

The hunger for information online

Most consumers are out there looking for information online that will help them make smarter purchase decisions. According to the e-commerce foundation, 88% of consumers carry out research on products or services before they carry out their purchase online. This new trend emphasizes why you need to have your business online by all possible means.

In this regard, OpenHub Digital has offered to you a one month promo on website design for businesses. If you are a business owner, you should take advantage of this promo to have a website for your business. One thing with this offer is that you don’t need to worry about hosting and domain name. The promo takes care of that fully for 1 year.

Some had taken this advantage long before

It is worthy to know that some businesses had already taken advantage of this increases in the use of the Internet long ago. Jumia Cameroon saw this as an opportunity to implant itself in the e-commerce business in Cameroon. They are not only the leader in the sector, but have made many young entrepreneurs to use their presence to start their own businesses online.

Jumia has the largest share of the e-commerce market in Cameroon. According to Jumia, 65% of its orders are done online using mobile phones in Cameroon. Last December 2018, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, in Nariobi, Kenya, ranked Cameroon 10th largest e-commerce country in Africa. By the end of 2016, Jumia alone is reported to have had 19.46 million subscribers. Just imagine the income they are making with this number.

Social media and your own website

I know those who don’t know the importance of a website will say their businesses are present on social networks online. However, you may not know that all those social media sites are businesses of others. They are there to carry out their own business with you and if they close, then all the marketing efforts you’ve been putting there goes with it. I am not saying that they are bad. I am just saying why not just be like them by having your own business website?

Every type of communication, information, advert or any piece of content you put online, especially on social media should direct your audience or consumer back to your website. This is why your website needs to give the consumers a clear idea about what your brand is all about – the product or service you offer.

Websites and quality content

The importance of a website to your business does not end only in how responsive or good the design is. That takes us to content. A website is just an empty container if there is no content. However, it draws less attention if the content is not a good-enough-content to draw users attention as well as keep them glued to it. We do not only design websites or tell you about the importance of a website without telling you how it works.

A good website needs high quality content for it to be highly optimized. We write high quality search engine optimized content that makes your website rank on search engines. We offer a full web design package including content at a very affordable price. This is outside the promo we are carrying out now.

Your website is a base where business settles

One of the importance of a website is that serves as a “base” where you can send your customers from any where to learn more about the product or service you offer or make purchase. It also plays a very important role in your email marketing. Anyone using email marketing to engage and reach out to an audience will tell you that you need somewhere to send them to convert. There is no other place than touching “base” – your website.

Your website is the best guide for your email subscribers to visit when they want to learn more about the product or service you offer before they make a purchase. If you want to know more about email marketing, just get in touch.

Was this post helpful? Do you have a business and need a website? If yes, then don’t hesitate to get in touch so as to get the details. Make sure you also share with others to benefit from this promo. As I usually say, sharing is caring. See you next post. Just leave a comment below if you have something to share with us.

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