Finance Ministry Extends Tax Declaration Deadline for Individuals

Yaoundé, June 18, 2024 — Cameroon’s Finance Ministry has announced an extension for the submission of annual income tax declarations for non-professional taxpayers. Originally set for June 30, the new deadline is now September 1, 2024. This extension aims to provide taxpayers with additional time to fulfill their obligations and avoid penalties.

The Minister of Finance highlighted that the extension supports taxpayers who faced difficulties meeting the initial deadline. The Finance Ministry expects that this additional time will help ensure compliance with tax regulations without unnecessary sanctions.

The annual income tax declaration, covering earnings and deductions for the 2023 fiscal year, must be submitted online through the official portal This digital submission process streamlines the procedure, making it more efficient and accessible for all.

To assist taxpayers, the Ministry has set up support mechanisms including assistance at Divisional Tax Centers (CDI) and a dedicated helpdesk available through the website and a call center at 8200. These resources are designed to help taxpayers navigate the electronic declaration system and resolve any issues they might encounter.

The Ministry commends those who have already complied with their tax obligations and encourages others to use the extended deadline to regularize their tax situation. This extension reflects the Ministry’s commitment to supporting taxpayers and enhancing compliance through accessible processes.

For further information and assistance, taxpayers can visit or contact the support center at 8200. To understand more about the Finance Ministry’s eBulletin for 2023 Tax Declarations, read our detailed article here.

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