New Tax Filing Deadline Announced for Non-Residents

The Ministry of Finance has announced a new deadline for non-residents of Cameroon to file their 2023 tax returns. Originally set for 30 June, the deadline has now been extended to 1 September 2024.

According to the Ministry, non-residents who earn income from Cameroonian sources must declare their earnings. This includes income from business activities or investments such as property or capital. Non-residents must also declare property taxes for assets located in Cameroon.

To make the process easier, the Ministry has set up several support services. Taxpayers can use the Directorate General of Taxation’s website,, to file their declarations. There is also a telephone helpline available at 8200 for those who need assistance. In addition, an electronic helpdesk is accessible on the homepage of the Directorate General of Taxation’s website.

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The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, urges non-residents to take advantage of this extension. He emphasises the importance of meeting the new deadline to avoid penalties for late filing. The Minister also acknowledges those who have already filed their tax returns and encourages others to follow suit promptly.

Non-residents are encouraged to use the available online tools and assistance to complete their tax declarations on time. By doing so, they contribute to the civic responsibility of tax compliance and support the efficient operation of Cameroon’s tax system.

For those needing help with the tax filing process, the Ministry of Finance provides comprehensive support through its helpline and online platforms. This extension offers non-residents a valuable opportunity to meet their tax obligations without facing penalties.

For help with your tax declaration, visit the Directorate General of Taxation’s website or use the support tools provided.

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