Minister Achille Bassilekin III Meets GECAM Delegation to Boost SMEs

On June 11, 2024, Minister Achille Bassilekin III of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy, and Handicrafts met with the Board of Directors from the Cameroon Business Association Group (GECAM) at his office. The delegation was led by GECAM President Mr. Célestin Tawamba. This meeting underscored the government’s commitment to enhancing the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cameroon’s economy.

Minister Bassilekin emphasized that GECAM, which has succeeded the Inter-Employer Group of Cameroon (GICAM), is now placing SMEs at the center of its activities. He highlighted the need to create effective synergies that will keep SMEs in the public eye and support their crucial role in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The discussions focused on how GECAM could collaborate with the government to provide better support and opportunities for SMEs. They explored avenues to strengthen the relationship between public authorities and the private sector, aiming to foster a more conducive environment for SME growth.

Moreover, Minister Bassilekin reiterated the importance of SMEs in driving economic development and innovation in Cameroon. He pointed out that these enterprises are at the forefront of job creation and play a pivotal role in the country’s entrepreneurial activities.

The meeting with GECAM marks a step forward in the government’s strategy to empower SMEs. It reflects a shared vision of enhancing the operational framework for SMEs, enabling them to thrive and contribute significantly to the economy.

This engagement between Minister Bassilekin and GECAM underscores a mutual commitment to fostering SME development. They aim to create a supportive ecosystem that will bolster SME contributions to economic growth and innovation in Cameroon.

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