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December 8, 2017
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December 11, 2017

Facebook Introduces Messenger Kids, A Social Media App for Children

Messenger Kids

Facebook has built a communication app with parental controls for kids in their pre-teens. Messenger Kids, according to Facebook is to help safeguard against kids who may be using unsupervised as well as unauthorized social media accounts.

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Messenger Kids, the app by Facebook for 6-to-12-year old kids was launched on Monday December 4, 2017 in the United States. The company said the team that builds apps for teens and kids had to consult with parent groups, child development experts and advocates in the 18 months period that was used in developing the app. Hence the app reflects their concerns.

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However, according to Facebook, Messenger Kids will be void of ads and will not collect kids’ data for advertising purposes. Once they reach 13, the kids’ account will automatically be turned into Facebook accounts. Important Info about Messenger Kids App

  • Can be downloaded on iPad, iPod touch or an iPhone

  • To create your kid’s account, you have to authenticate your child’s device with your own Facebook login and password. Note that this does not give your child access to Facebook.

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How secured is Messenger Kids?

  • Contact requests can only be initiated by parents on behalf of their children using Messenger Kids parental controls within Facebook.

  • For two kids to chat, both of their parents have to approve the connection. Hence kids can only chat with people approved by their parents.

  • Kids can block contacts they don’t wish to chat with as well as parents can remove people from their child’s chat list.

  • Kids can also report inappropriate contacts or content if they have the feeling they are being bullied. There is also a report for “something else” option.

On Which Device can Messenger Kids be Downloaded

As at the time of writing this, Messenger Kids is available on App Store for iPod, iPad and iPhone. Plans are there for it to be launched on Android devices as well as Amazon Fire tablets. However, adults can chat with their kids from any device though their kids can only connect on iOS devices.

Download Messenger Kids

You can download Messenger Kids for iOS devices on App Store.

Is your child using Messenger Kids? How good is the app? Have you encountered any problem with it worth sharing? Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below for the community to benefit from it.

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