You Don’t Know Africa! Checkout Game by David Bauer

Do you really know Africa? I was surprised myself that as an African, I don’t know the specific positions on the map of many African countries. This game You Don’t Know Africa will help show how limited you are about African Geography, even though you might be an African. I started the game with 20 random African countries and got a score of what? 20 on 20 in 0:58.8!

You Don’t Know Africa is a recently developed popular game by David Bauer that is being shared by many online already. The game according to Bauer “was launched as a standalone project with no existing site as take-off ramp”.

Just 5 days after its launch, You Don’t Know Africa was visited by 140,000 people all over the world and was played for more than 500,000 minutes. By the time I played, it had been played 1 213 869 times. The site has been accessed from more than 211 countries as per Google Analytics reports, according to the author.

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Do you think you know Africa? Get the challenge. Proof to us that you know Africa by playing the You Don’t Know Africa here. Don’t hesitate to share your results and any other thing about the game with us in the comment section.

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