Help Yourself – App That Gives Low-cost Solutions To Health Problems In Developing Countries

Help Yourself (HY) is an Android Application developed by Maealth Inc. that provides ‘actionable, educative and life-saving health information to users’. Developing countries in particular have poor access to health services and life-saving information that could help save lives in the case of emergency.

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This problem is one of the reasons Maealth Inc. developed the Help Yourself App which uses information technology to help give quality health information, to the benefit of its users. They aim to ‘strengthen national health systems’ and ensure the accessibility of high-quality health care and life-saving tips that will help improve the lives of people who lack health care structures or working systems.

About 5 hospitals, both government and private are presently using Help Yourself (HY) app in Cameroon. The application was initially built to solve the health problems Cameroonians face which is common to other developing nations.

Features of Help Yourself First Aid App

  • Offers home remedies that work to common ailments

  • Offers First Aid tips: Gives life-saving tips to help sustain an individual in case of emergency

  • Mom’s guide: Offers pregnancy advice to women who are preparing to give birth

  • Menstrual Period tracker for women

  • Hospital Finder: You can search for nearby hospitals in your locality especially in case of emergency. Contact numbers are also available.

  • Live Chat: You can have a Live Chat with a professional medical practitioner.

Checkout the video intro of Help Yourself (HY) app below.

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The app is available for now only for Android. You can download the app on Google Play Store.

Help Yourself (HY) is a product of Silicon Mountain, Cameroon’s most popular technology hub. Visit the app website and Maealth Inc. for more.

This app is looks to be a must have in your phone. Please, share your experience about this app if you have used it in the comment section below.

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