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August 30, 2019
Tax incentives for disaster zones
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September 4, 2019

Grandma was surely saying children of today are wasteful


There’s this old grandma I see almost every day when I go out to hustle for my daily bread. She lives opposite one of these trash dumps that HYSACAM abandons for ages leaving a slimy sea and an odoriferous stench that greets the nostrils of passersby.

Today, on passing, this grandma had picked an old umbrella from the trash. She usually picks one or two things around there. She was saying something in her vernacular which I couldn’t understand.

I guess grandma was complaining that children of today are so wasteful. “They don’t know how to manage things. They throw anything that can be repaired or used to make other things.”

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This took me back to my grand-mother and her age-old umbrella. If it was raining and you had to use her umbrella, you would have these series of complains.

“I know how careless you people are. I have used this umbrella for more than 10 years today. Make sure you bring it back in tact,” my grandma will shout.

The umbrella was solid. It had patches of many colors donated by sister umbrellas that thought it wise to be useful again in another life. Thus saving the life of my grandma’s cherished umbrella.

Then it came to my mind that our parents and grandparents understood what recycling was all about more than us in spite of the fact that they didn’t go to school. Or even have the many study resources that we have free today on the Internet on how to recycle things.

It is rare today to find those guys who repair umbrellas. It should be noted that this was a profession. I am not saying that you have to take such as a profession today because umbrellas are way more affordable though not cheaper when compared to their days.

Our mindset have been made in such a way that “when it’s bad, we get rid of”. This coupled with the fact that Chinese have taken advantage of our mindset to make very low-quality umbrellas. I remember I bought one and used only for a day.

What ever the case, I am trying to pinpoint the fact that we are a generation of “waste”. We waste resources and never think of how it’s detrimental to our well-being. We don’t think of tomorrow’s generations.

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We cry of poverty, no job and so on on a daily basis. We forget to know that some of our daily acts help to impoverish us more than we can imagine. Our climate, our soil, the fact that those things could be recycled or reused to create income or reduce expenses.

There’s gold in Garbageria or the Garbage Republic which we ignore today. My grand-father usually told us “to make money, your hands must be dirty”. Not the “dirty” we know today – carrying out illicit activities. He was referring mainly to farming and the things we do with our hands.

Today, we are ashamed to pick dirt or become a farmer. Our rush for white-collar jobs is a great evidence. The few that are doing so are better off than many think.

I know some will ask if I am doing so too. The answer is yes. We have an ongoing project on recycling things made from wood and wood waste. We help give a new life to old furniture. We transform your furniture which you think is useless to high-quality usable furniture or other useful things.

I am talking of real furniture, not the imported waste wood (already recycled) we buy from China and Europe. We also fabricate customized high-quality furniture from export wood rejects.

You can get in touch with us if you have that broken table, chair or anything in wood for us to determine if it’s still reusable.

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