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Cameroon: A Quality Management System Consultancy Opens its Doors in Douala
May 22, 2019
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Digitization of Tax Litigation Operations Begins in Cameroon
May 27, 2019

Press Release: Ess.BE Brings Quality Management, Opens Door In Douala


Soulmates Biznes Empire, Ess.BE, the latest addition to the Quality Management Consultancy will be opening it’s doors on May 25, 2019 at the Rue Pau Office in Akwa-Douala, Cameroon. They have come in to fill a gap in quality control and assurance by identifying, growing and accompanying new as well as established businesses in the implementation of basic quality control systems.

To reduce the failure of products in the market, Ess.BE focuses on a set of procedures and measures that ensures the product or service quality is maintained and errors encountered reduced or even eliminated. They help entrepreneurs put to the public excellent products that meets the requirements of the customers.

Ess.BE Quality Management Consultants offer a complete solution for quality control, assurance, safety and productivity such that your product or service performance in the market will improve. They carry out both internal and external audits to analyze the root cause of your product’s failure or under-performance. They review the quality control standards, identify the non-conforming goods, put in place corrective measures and procedures as well as create benchmarks for performance.

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Aside from being a top rated quality management consultancy business in Cameroon, Soulmates Biznes Empire also offers Travel Aid, Music Business, Promotion and Talent Management services. They also provide training, examination audit and certification services within Cameroon. Their expertise is widespread from Food Security, IT, Business Continuity, Service Management and many others.

Soulmates Biznes Empire gives back to the community

Soulmates Biznes Empire is not only a business, but also gives out to the community through its NGO, Kids Hall of Talents Foundation. Through this foundation, they offer hope to the less privileged, orphans, etc., develop talents and so on.

Do you know your product or service quality needs to be enhanced, manufacturing process consistent and most of all meets the customer’s requirements? That’s what Ess.BE does best. Your business, is their business!

Download the pdf and signed version of this press release.

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