Digitization of Tax Litigation Operations Begins in Cameroon

Tax functions in Cameroon continues to go digital with the digitization of tax litigation operations.

The tax administration in Cameroon has been slowly adapting to the demands of the digital world in their process for the digitization of certain tax functions. One of the first steps into this process came in the 2014 Finance Law in which the electronic payment mechanism was introduced.

It went into effect in 2014 fiscal year as the payment of property tax using mobile money went operational with other taxes expected to be added. However, since that introduction, no other tax has been added to this even though the tax administration envisaged to cover all other taxes.

In a press release on May 7, 2019 the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, informed taxpayers that the digitization of tax litigation operations in Cameroon will begin on June 1, 2019. This means taxpayers who may not be contented with certain decisions by tax administrators could now contest such online without having to displace themselves.

Digitization has not only opened its doors to businesses as the tax authorities in Cameroon are using the tool to improve their day-to-day operations. Tax administrations all over the world are making use of new technologies such as cloud technology and big data to improve tax management. This does not only counter fraud, but helps to facilitate taxpayer’s compliance.

According to the press release, this is the pilot phase that “concerns the treatment of contentious and voluntary claims as well as the request for respite of payment for taxpayers”. It should be noted that this phase concerns only taxpayers of the Large Taxpayer’s Office.

Seminars for the training of interested taxpayers will be provided by the General Directorate of Taxation following a schedule. This step came in as a result of the new provisions for the 2019 Finance Law which aims at “securing State revenue and improving the business climate.”

Download the press release 00003309/MINFI/DGI/DC/C by the Minister of Finance on the digitization of tax litigation operations in Cameroon that will start on June 1, 2019.

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