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February 15, 2019
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Business Model: Niche-Based Online Classified Ads

Classified Ads

You may have been planning to start an Internet business before and you think the market is saturated. Many people think so too – and they let the opportunity pass by them without taking action because of such thoughts. To you reading now, who had been planning to start a business online, it should be a plus for you since you know many have given up like you were planning to do. I will be talking about Classified Ads today.

There are many offline as well as online business ideas that you can carryout today. What you should have in mind is that there’s space for everybody who really wants to carry out a business activity. The market is not as saturated as people may be saying. It is how you want to do things that matter. You just need to be unique, innovative and passionate about what you do.

Talking about online business ideas, you should not fall under the category of people who say ‘it’s already saturated’. Africa hasn’t even done anything yet when it comes to online businesses. We are still lagging behind with a long way to go. What you may have ignored is that having your business (offline or online business) these days seems to be almost mandatory. Reason why I thought of sharing with you today the ‘Classified Ads’ business idea today.

Classified Ads Business

Classified Advertising is a form of advertising that was common with newspapers and other periodicals. They are advertisements that are inserted in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio that generally deal with businesses placing offers or requests for services. As the years have gone by with the coming of the Internet, classified ads have moved from print publications to the radio, television and today has found its way on the Internet.

The difference between the Internet classified ads and the others is that it does not use the per-line pricing model used by the others and so can be longer. One other big advantage of the Internet Classified Ads is that it is searchable and makes it easier for the user in the case of an urgency.

Our world today is made of infinite digital possibilities of which classified ads has a lot to offer. Those who run classified advertisement businesses are there to help businesses and individuals to advertise their various products and services. It also helps consumers to easily find this products and services at the click of a mouse.

Online Businesses

You should now have an idea of what Classified Ads is all about now. You must have come across it in Newspapers, online, etc. If you are interested in starting an online business and you don’t have an idea, stay connected on this page because I will be sharing with you in my next post some business and revenue models of classified advertisement.

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